Miley Cyrus Bends and Stretches and Flaunts Her Tightly Toned Diva Body

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bill-swift - June 5, 2012

When you're working out as hard as Miley Cyrus has been, you can flash and show and bend any the hell way you want, and we in the ogling community are all going to appreciate it. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself as I leer catatonic-like into the gaping toned asstastic of Miley Cyrus in her, albeit stupidly high-waisted, shorts.

Miley Cyrus was out with her pooch and exhibiting her own newly firmed form about L.A. over the weekend, virtually chastizing those out there who ever had an unkind word for the diva's bodily shape, with half the complainers saying too soft, half the complainers saying too skinny, and Egotastic! wedged in the middle saying, 'Ooh La la, just perfect!" Enjoy.