Michelle Vawer Cleavy Sheer Lingerie

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bill-swift - June 19, 2015

Oh, my. If you happen to love smoking hot brunettes in sheer bits of bra and panties out in nature, you might just fall deeply into lust feelings for Michelle Vawer in this faptacular photoshoot by Jessica Werthiem for C Heads magazine.

Michelle is one of those naturally alluring beauties who when she strips down to her sheer lingerie and stands in the meadow, you'd swear you'd just surrendered all your worldly possessions for five minutes of fun time by the creek with this heavenly hot creature. I'm prepared to make that deal this very moment. I probably just need three minutes, but given the minimal amount of worldly possessions I can claim as my own, that's probably about square. Michelle, very well done. Come to my place and I'll crayon draw for you my favorite parts of your perfect body. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jessica Wertheim For C Heads