Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Hot Body Flipping Off a Yacht, Just Because She Can

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bill-swift - July 1, 2014

Whatever it is you get, Michelle Rodriguezdefinitely got it. She seems to allure men and women these days with equal ease. Always smiling, forever looking fit in her bikinis, having fun on yachts, making Fast and Furious movies. She seems to have it all. Well, except for the one man who might turn her off to supermodels forever more. But, Michelle, I'm not currently available regardless.

Michelle was off the coast of some fancy Italian resort taking dives and flips off of a yacht into the water in her black bikini. It takes a brave woman to go acrobatic into the water in just her two piece. Michelle is that brave woman. And still very much pretty damn hot. Something about Michelle Rodriguez says winning. I think it's her hit-it list. Or just her tight midriff. Enjoy.