Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Can’t Stop Showing Off Cool Stuff (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 13, 2013

You've seen the mini bosses and cool weapons featured in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in some splendid pre-release videos. Now that we're down to the final pre-launch days, it's time for all of the goods to come tumbling out of this game and today is a special one. Upgrading Raiden to make him an even more deadly cyborg-ninja with new hand-to-hand and defensive combat skills is a nice complement to all of the weapon upgrading we've already seen. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes with a lot of moves, combos and potential abilities but honestly this such a well designed combat game that you really can get by on just the basic skill and weapon set. Battles may take longer --knocking off 1% of a Mastiff's health is worse than taking off 3%-- but this game is old school in that regard; long fights aren't a bad thing.

Also there are some colorful enemies featured in Revengeance that are worthy of the Metal Gear franchise. Angry multiarmed female enemies and a guy who can separate his body into pieces just as you're leaning in for a sword slice are just two of the unfriendly types you're going to have to deal with. These bosses and other enemy characters talk a lot, say ridiculous things and will frustrate the hell out of you whenever you fight one of them. Check out the clip below to see what we mean.

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