Metal Core Door Decals Transforms Your Man Cave Into a Den of Awesomeness

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bill-swift - July 16, 2013

Your room, your territory, your rules. You can't do much about what's outside of it, but you can choose what to put in it and how to decorate it--and you can start with the door. Whether it's your man cave or bro station, you don't really need much talent (or any, at all) to completely transform it.

All you need is sixty bucks so you can get one of these Metal Core Door Decals. You'll also need to have the non-ability to stick something to your door and you'll be all set.

Kidding aside, these massive decals fit most doors and give it a completely different look. Choose from an airlock, an armory, a freight elevator, or a lab door. This takes care of the outside; now all that's left is the inside.

Pre-Order It: $60

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