Martha Hunt Is Pretty Damn Hot In Lingerie

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bill-swift - February 7, 2014

For some reason, there just seem to be very few American lingerie models. Maybe this is like one of those industries that used to thrive here in the U.S, but eventually got moved overseas to places like South Africa and Hungary and lots and lots of Brazil. So I'm always a little extra-hyped to see some of our native girls flashing their native hot bits in little swaths of silk and lace.

Martha Hunt is a girl I would do extremely reckless things for. Just name it, Martha, and consider it done. Anything involving spiders or actual hard work excluded, naturally. But after seeing her in this Free People lingerie line collection, well, I might even re-consider that spider prohibition. She is just so damn hot. I can't believe we aren't this very minute in the middle of making many babies. This situation needs to be rectified immediately. Martha, call me, I'm certainly ready. Enjoy.