Marloes Horst and Viktoria Halenarova Sexy Lingerie Pictures Make Christmas Shopping Easy

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bill-swift - November 24, 2011

Wondering what to get the little woman in your life for Christmas? Well, you damn well better be or else you'll be pounding your stale fruitcake solo come Yuletide evening, and we can't have that. No, some seasonal silky time things are the more likely route to getting your favorite ornament polished this X-mas time, so take a gander at the Manor Christmas lingerie line being pimped out in full splendor by the splendidly sextastic Dutch model Marloes Horst (of Pirelli Calendar fame) and her stupendously hot friend, Viktoria Halenarova, offering up a double bit of boudoir dress down goodness.

Yes, my friends, if you're thinking shawl or sweater, you're entirely missing the point of one of the most fecund seasons of the year. Go silky or go home. Enjoy.