Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst Swimsuit Beach Shoot for David Slijper 2014

Marloes Horst Lingerie Pictures Are a True Dutch Treat

Marloes Horst is a name you’re going to need to figure out how to pronounce, because one day you might just run into her in an elevator and you’re not going to want to mispronounce it as you beg her to let you touch her hair or knit her a sweater.

Granted, it’s Dutch, so it’s not easily enunciated by anyone in the rest of the world more than 50 meters outside of Dutch territorial lines, but, after checking out Marloes in this new Stella McCartney lingerie pictorial, I think you’re going to find the time to learn your gutturals. Enjoy.

Bregje Heinen, Elyse Taylor, Martha Hunt, and Marloes Horst In Bikinis for Victoria’s Secret

Hmm, I’m loathe to call these super fine ladies the ‘B’ team for Victoria’s Secret, as I’d shank any one of you in the showers for a three minute conjugal visit with any of Bregje Heinen, Elyse Taylor, Martha Hunt, and Marloes Horst, all of whom are currently in St. Bart’s shooting their catalog bikini body pictures for the lingerie and swimwear brand. Let’s call them the Sextastic Team Two, slightly lesser known names, at least as of yet, but ever so smoking hot. Just imagine these four ladies coming to your summer barbecue and forgetting that your burgers are burning on the grill. It would be quite a sight.

At some point, Victoria’s Secret is going to be writing paychecks to every ’10′ on this planet. Not a bad strategy really if you can afford to get away with it. In the least, it beats writing sob letters to the same group of girls begging for worn shoes. Not that I know what that’s like. Enjoy.

Marloes Horst Super Hot in Cubus Summer 2013 Collection

Marloes Horst Bikini and Lingerie Pictures Are the Next Big Thing

Because she’s modeling for the ‘Next’ brand swimsuit and lingerie and…. well, nevermind. The point is, Dutch model Marloes Horst has cracked the Top 25 list and we couldn’t be happier for this Dutch phenom. Vastly underrated in hotness, sometimes it takes a solid bra and panties pictorial to point out that while Marloes gets paid to look great in women’s magazines, there’s no reason she can’t moonlight as the highlight of our male nightly R.E.M. state fantasies.

In fact, I believe Marloes has a reservation in my subconscious picture show this very evening after ogling her super fine form for Next. Enjoy.

Marloes Horst and Elisabeth van Tergouw in Dutch Lingerie Battle

Talk about going Dutch, we’re doubling down on super hot Nederlander supermodels with double blonde goodness in the sextastic forms of Marloes Horst shooting for the Nordstrom’s lingerie catalog, and newcomer model Elisabeth van Tergouw for the Hunkemoller lingerie line (which seems to not include bras, just panties, which we can fully support). ‘Tis the season for lingerie shopping for the ladies, or just ogling other ladies modeling lingerie for the lingerie shopping season. And you could do much worse than the twin Flemish beauties, Marloes and Elisabeth. Enjoy.

Marloes Horst and Viktoria Halenarova Sexy Lingerie Pictures Make Christmas Shopping Easy

Wondering what to get the little woman in your life for Christmas? Well, you damn well better be or else you’ll be pounding your stale fruitcake solo come Yuletide evening, and we can’t have that. No, some seasonal silky time things are the more likely route to getting your favorite ornament polished this X-mas time, so take a gander at the Manor Christmas lingerie line being pimped out in full splendor by the splendidly sextastic Dutch model Marloes Horst (of Pirelli Calendar fame) and her stupendously hot friend, Viktoria Halenarova, offering up a double bit of boudoir dress down goodness.

Yes, my friends, if you’re thinking shawl or sweater, you’re entirely missing the point of one of the most fecund seasons of the year. Go silky or go home. Enjoy.