Margaret Qualley Sets The Evening Standard for Sexiness

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brian-mcgee - August 30, 2017

There's an old saying, you haven't made it until you've appeared in The Evening Standard. I think it was coined by the editorial staff of The Evening Standard, but I can't be sure. Nevertheless, I'm happy to announce that Margaret Qualley has made it, as she shows off some supremely sexy sides of herself for The Evening Standard.

In fact, Margaret may be the new gold standard as a result! I'm not saying this is the sexiest photo set to ever appear in the revered pages of this journalistic institution, but it's gotta be in the discussion. Just look at the second picture in the gallery, where you can see her ass cheeks thanks to the shortness of her shorts. That's gotta land Margaret in contention for the top spot.

Good genetics—which Margaret clearly got from mom Andie MacDowell—will only get you so far in this life. Margaret Qualley has that extra push, that extra drive, that extra little something that helps her set the standard for sexiness, whether it's in The Evening Standard or not. There's simply no denying that she is one exquisite woman! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: The Evening Standard