Lourdes Leon Bikini French Boobtastic Redux Due to Mathematical Calculations

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bill-swift - August 6, 2014

Yesterday I accidentally counted up to eighteen birthdays for Lourdes Leon and her rather voluminous chestal presence. Then I made a couple comments perhaps about her only seventeen year old bodacious things I can't comment about two months prematurely. Now I feel horrible. So here's a look at Lourdes in her leopard print bikini in France with a more appropriate bit of commentary.

Oh, look, it's Madonna's daughter reveling in her summer time vacation. She looks to be having a wonderful time with friends and family and the occasional French cigarettes while taking in some sun. The precocious high school graduate will be heading to University of Michigan in a few weeks to undertake a college degree and to make some lifelong friends. We wish Lourdes nothing but the best of luck. Her big ta-ta's too. Enjoy