Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Bespeak of a Promising Future

Hmm, how do I put this delicately. Lourdes Leon is growing into a fully grown grown up and rather quickly so. While Madonna was celebrating her 55th in France, Lourdes Leon was celebrating her sweet sixteen on the ride along with the family, showing off her Madonna family pride in a two piece bikini to give the press at look at the next generation of Material Girl.

Obviously, I consider myself a de facto father figure to many of our up and coming future stars of Egotastic. Make that a de facto step father. Maybe really more like a caring man-servant or overly dedicated valet. Like Alfred was to Batman, only far more helpful in the showers and baths. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Ziplines Her Behind

I must admit to be frightened of those zipline tourist and amusement park attractions. They say only one in a million times does anything every go wrong. I always assume dude #999,999 just flew off ahead of me. I like my feet on terra firma. I've got important responsibilities here on earth. Like showing you people with more ziplining cajones than me. People like Lourdes Leon, Madonna's teenaged daughter who seems to be packing a little more booster in her bottom rockets than her mom ever did, if you know what I'm saying. There's some junk in that... yeah, you probably got it the first time.

Anyhow, because of her tender years, I can't really go into much detail. But, suffice it to say, the way Lourdes curves are shaping up, she's going to be very popular with the Sir Mix A Lot disciples. Enjoy.

Leon’s Getting, Um, Larger; Lourdes Leon Promenading about France

When it comes to discussing the bosom of even one of the most famous sixteen year old girls on the planet, Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon (though I think she also goes by Lourdes Maria these days), well, you have to be tactful and just a bit delicate.

Some might consider it inappropriate to discuss a  high school aged girl's blossoming, err, thundering large top. And, oh, how I remember my teen years and the true torture of being the biggest chested girl in school. I mean, I wasn't that girl, but I surely never stopped leering at her, especially when I was ensconced in the rafters about the girls locker room.

So, I guess what I'm really trying to say is, no matter how much cleavage young Lourdes displays during her vacation in France, just look away. Or, you know, pretend like you're not looking. Yes! Let us all pretend. And, enjoy.

Kelly Osbourne and Lourdes Leon Bring Out the Short Dresses to Pimp Material Girl

I must give it up for London Fashion Week. I don't care if it's supermodels, or supermodel wannabes, or just girls who look like Kelly Osbourne (let alone, young girls like Madonna daughter, Lourdes Leon), Fashion Week has them all out in the shortest frocks in their closet, seated in front rows facing rows of paparazzi at waist level. So, therein, you're going to get some upskirts, it's just gonna happen. And, it's typically a good thing.

In this case, we have Kelly Osbourne, the face of the Material Girl clothing line (an odd choice we thought) along with fashion line spokesgirl and part owner, the aforementioned, Lourdes Leon, wearing impossibly short dresses for the calculating lens of dozens of snappers. We can only tell you, Kelly prefers white panties for such occasion. We have no official comment on Teen Lourdes. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Continues Her Riviera Bikini Adventures

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to be a little boy from Malawi, whisked from my sub-Saharan lean-to home to be raised under the wizened care of Madonna, living in castles and flying around on private jets, and, now, vacationing along the elite resorts in the South of France with older sister, Lourdes Leon. Hmm, older sister, Lourdes. She's not little Lourdes anymore. The Material Girl heir apparent continues her slow, but inevitable rise to international stardom in some pursuit I will never understand, something like style or design or fashion or art or something. It's on, it's most definitely on. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Debut The Next Gen Material Girl

Well, the Blonde Ambition didn't exactly beget another blondie, but given the all-too complicated past love and boot-knocking lives of Madonna, including her ongoing lair of young tanned men held hostage, I suppose it's somewhat upside-ish that Madonna only produced one female offspring during her sexual revolution, an heiress to take her place when her pop mission is complete. Lourdes Leon has been slowly unveiled upon the world by way of Madonna Mama, running her own little clothing line now or something, modeling, and just hanging out at big swank parties and vacation spots and yachts around the world. I guess these first bikini pictures of Lourdes are another type of unveiling, and while we assume Mom was quite precocious and world-wise at her daughter's age, we'll leave Lourdes to the best impressions of innocence, until proven otherwise. Enjoy.