Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon Black Bikini Smoking Hot Time in the South of France

Lourdes Leon surely has been putting on the big time celebrity daughter exhibition scene in Cannes and environs around the Riviera these past couple of weeks. A new bikini each day befitting her nubile teen form. We’re not allowed to speak of it fully, although it does appear Lourdes is able to smoke a little doobie, which only looks like a wonderful time while hanging at the beach.

I’m not sure if Lourdes is going to go onto celebrity stardom herself. She does actively market and promote her mom’s clothing lines and runs her own blog diary and some other social media enterprises. She certainly has the raw talent for the spotlight. Talents. I’ve said too much! Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Seem Ever So Happy to Be in Purple

Lourdes Leon seems like a perky young lady. And why not have headlight happiness while relishing a summer vacation in Cannes. Granted, you have to hang out with your mom and her new boyfriend who is likely younger than you, but you get to hang out in a bikini for a couple weeks, cruise around on a yacht, swim in the warm Mediterranean waters,

Lourdes is still a couple months away from turning eighteen, you know, so even though she’s smoking and going to college and jetting about the world in her bikini, we treat her with kid gloves. At least when staring at her wet bikini nipples, that seems like the most decent policy. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Wet and Rolling in From Cannes

Madonna really does take her sundry and assorted kids on the best vacations. A week in the French Riviera does seem nice. Not that it’s going to match my weekend in Laughlin by any means. Lourdes Leon has certainly used the opportunity as the First Daughter to build some rep for herself and her bikini figure on the world stage. I’m not sure Lourdes is super into the attention like her mother was and is, but she’s certainly not shy about the cameras either.

At some point soon we’ll be able to discuss Lourdes lady-like curves in more detail, including the little red bottoms. But, not today. Today, let us just celebrate pop-star offspring coming out parties. Not coming out of her bikini obviously, that would be inappropriate. Just getting all grow’d up. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini and Booty Cushion Show in the South of France

Well, the powder is no longer dry on Lourdes Leon as it were. The gloves are off. And so was Lourdes shorts in terms of covering her sun-shine buns while bikini playing in Cannes on a Madonna family vacation. Lourdes is a high school graduate now, which makes her many shades different than many of the starlets we routinely cover. So, all the power to her and her bikini. And her mom for making her go to school, unless some moms we know, ahem, cough cough Kris Jenner.

Lourdes seems to be rather comfortable with her buxom figure, which makes two of us. I mean, in a couple months that makes two of us. For now, let’s just say Lourdes is going to be a very popular Freshman at Michigan. And good for her. And her yams. I didn’t say that! Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini French Boobtastic Redux Due to Mathematical Calculations

Yesterday I accidentally counted up to eighteen birthdays for Lourdes Leon and her rather voluminous chestal presence. Then I made a couple comments perhaps about her only seventeen year old bodacious things I can’t comment about two months prematurely. Now I feel horrible. So here’s a look at Lourdes in her leopard print bikini in France with a more appropriate bit of commentary.

Oh, look, it’s Madonna’s daughter reveling in her summer time vacation. She looks to be having a wonderful time with friends and family and the occasional French cigarettes while taking in some sun. The precocious high school graduate will be heading to University of Michigan in a few weeks to undertake a college degree and to make some lifelong friends. We wish Lourdes nothing but the best of luck. Her big ta-ta’s too. Enjoy

Lourdes Leon Barely Legal Bikini Boobtastic

For those of you who have been waiting for Madonna’s daughter to reach eighteen so you can use terms like roundabouts, holy Funions, and melons of the gods to discuss her hearty bosom, hmm, now would be the time.

Check out Lourdes Leon leopard print bikini big guns on WWTDD. Respect yourself and all that. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Bespeak of a Promising Future

Hmm, how do I put this delicately. Lourdes Leon is growing into a fully grown grown up and rather quickly so. While Madonna was celebrating her 55th in France, Lourdes Leon was celebrating her sweet sixteen on the ride along with the family, showing off her Madonna family pride in a two piece bikini to give the press at look at the next generation of Material Girl.

Obviously, I consider myself a de facto father figure to many of our up and coming future stars of Egotastic. Make that a de facto step father. Maybe really more like a caring man-servant or overly dedicated valet. Like Alfred was to Batman, only far more helpful in the showers and baths. Enjoy.