Lindsay Ellingson Hot Lingerie Photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 9, 2011

Wow. Who exactly is the talent scout for Victoria's Secret and how exactly do I make him disappear and then get hired for his position. To be the guy (or girl-digging-girl) who gets to search out who is Victoria's Secret model worthy, who looks hot enough to don the silk and lace and flash their amazing boobs and body for the cameras and catalogs. Now, that's a job I could give up long-term unemployment for.

My hats off to the scout who came up with the Lindsay Ellingson signing. Really, it's like a baseball scout finding a kid throwing apples in the orchard and turning him into a Cy Young Award winning pitcher. Lindsay Ellingson is the kind of hot that drives men to war, where they hope they don't get shot in their johnsons so they can return to Lindsay and make many many babies with her. I really am picking up the phone here ordering the sexy bra and panties she's wearing in this photoshoot; not the same brand, I mean, the actual items she's wearing. I wonder how much that'll cost me. Probably have to sell a few of my early edition Fantastic Four comics. Very worth it. Enjoy.