Xie Ming Pictures Are the Start of Something Eastern Sexy on Egotastic!

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bill-swift - September 20, 2010

We get letters, lots of letters, and we read most of them, you know, even the ones that threaten our livestock, and when we notice a pattern in the letters, we take special notice. One such pattern is the, 'hey, MO-rons, why not have more hottie Asian celebrities on your site?' As firm believers in the universality of female sexiness, we are open to ogling beauty from all corners of this spinning orb we call home. Undoubtedly, we need to extend our research tentacles into the Orient to broaden our horizons of amazing Asian celebs, and on one recent foray, quite by accident, we discovered super sexy model, Xie Ming (pardon our translation, we're probably butchering her name), in this ad for Hilton hotels.

Rest assured, we will not rest until all earthly hotness has been exposed. After all, if there is one thing that unites all mankind it is the love of sexy women. Enjoy.