Leilani Dowding Wrapped in Not Much More Than a Ribbon for Christmas

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bill-swift - December 24, 2013

Welcome to Christmas week. While I intend to be nearly and or continuously inebriated on my home brew of Egg Nog and any liquor I can find, this doesn't mean we won't be sharing several special moments of holiday themed goodness this week.

Why not start out with our dear and sweet hottie friend Leilani Dowding who seems to have forgotten one piece of her sextastic Santa's helper's costume for the Yuletide. And thankfully so. Unfortunately, her dexterous limbs found their way over her sweet funbags, but I suppose this is a family holiday after all, so somebody had to keep it PG. Still plenty hot enough to earn a solid ho-ho-ho from yours truly. I can feel my wreath glowing. Enjoy.