Legendary Pictures Still Won’t Show Us What the New Godzilla Looks Like, But We’re Getting There

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bill-swift - July 27, 2013

Getting a little weary of the Star Wars and superhero stories? That's understandable, given that the only movie characters anyone has been able to talk about for the last three months are either Jedis, Kryptonians, or Avengers. So what do you say we switch things up, go old-school, and have a little talk about Godzilla?

You did know that Legendary Pictures has a reboot of the iconic Japanese atomic sea monster filming right now, right? One with Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen? Ringing any bells? Well, they do. And, so far, they've been pretty secretive about even the most basic of plot details. However, they've recently decided to let director Gareth Edwards go public with some talk of what the new Godzilla monster will look like.

No, not pictures. Just talk. But hey, it's better than nothing.

So what's the word? Well, in short, Godzilla is basically going to be a more realistic version of the 1954 original. In long, this:

In a way we approached it was, imagine in 1954 (when the first Godzilla movie was made), that this creature really existed and someone saw him from Toho, the Japanese studio, and went running back to the studio and said, ‘I've seen this creature and it kind of looked like this.' And they tried to draw it and they tried to make a suit and they did a very good job of it but then, when you saw the real creature, you go ‘Okay, I totally understand how you got that suit from that creature but now I see the real thing. Oh my God, I totally believe that it's completely real.' And that's how we approached it. We went through hundreds of designs, and never stopped playing really until the last minute and got to the point where it was like, ‘Is there anything else that we want to change about this design'? And I was like, personally no, I'm very happy with it. And Toho was very much a part of the approval process. So it's a Toho approved design as well.

Obviously Edwards isn't exactly painting up a picture here. However, we do know, based on what he said, that the new Godzilla isn't going to look anything like the one created by Roland Emmerich in 1998. And that's good, because Emmerich's Godzilla looked like a cross between a T-Rex and an iguana.

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