Lauryn Goodman Sexy Cleavage And A One Piece In The Maldives

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bill-swift - April 25, 2017

British reality starlet and all around curvaceous brunette lass Lauryn Goodman took to the beaches of the Maldives where there shall never be a pasty white bloggers convention to show off her body in a one piece swimsuit that left not much to the imagination. Or everything to the imagination if you're particularly skilled at that kind of fantasy sport.

Lauryn's sister Chloe gained notoriety for Ex on the Beach participation on MTV and looking righteous in her own damn beach body. Now sis is taking her turn as all the Goodman girls are getting in on the act of being famous for no particular reason. We used to lament this dramatic shift in the professional-social structure. Now we've come to understand this whole process of reality show big ups simply means more women with more skin trying harder. How can that be bad? You don't have to watch the craptastic shows. In fact, if you do, what's wrong with you? Save it for the beach peeks. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: AKM/GSI Media