Laura Haddock Bikini Pictures For a Candid Peep at a Boob Tube Favorite

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bill-swift - April 25, 2014

Well, hello there Laura Haddock all candid and wet and bikini'd up in Hawaii. You may remember Laura from her sweet topless scenes in DaVinci's Demons, or you may just know her now as the sextastic thespianic strolling the beaches of our 50th state all wet and hot and alluring. She's not even trying, trust me, not a bit.

I quite delight in seeing girls from TV and movies candidly exposed for the first time and seeing they are just as hot offscreen as on. Not all are, but many, and it only makes my celluloid dreams that much more powerful. Powerful enough to impress Laura Haddock I suppose. She's given me a few demons of my own that need exorcising. Enjoy.

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