Lady Gaga in Lady Gaga Cosplay

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Echo Lawrence - March 10, 2020

Lady Gaga who I have never found

I am not a Lady Gaga fan. I want to put that out there before you keep reading, assuming you're reading.

I don't like her music, but I can see that she's a capable maybe even talented song writer, even if it is not for me.

I don't like her acting, A Star is Born destroyed my soul and not on an emotional level, but on a "make it stop" level.

Their Oscar Performance of that song...that dreaded song...just solidified my distain for that movie.

I do not find her hot, or wonderful looking, or even pretty. If anything she's got a very weird look to me.

However, I do think she's able to play up the sexy, even if the sexy is something I wouldn't even notice upon the first look at her.

Her willingness to show off her body, in wild and crazy concept costumes, a body that is typically pretty fit from all the dancing, with her Italian booty is great.

There's a bright side to everything we hate! So I'll do my best to focus on that as I share these pics to all the GAGA fans out there and this is her doing her best Lady Gaga looking like her best Lady Gaga!

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