Kim Kardashian Mega Curves in Virginal White for Baby Shower Gifting

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bill-swift - March 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian has been showing off bits and pieces of herself in very noticeable ways of late. On her way to Ciara's baby shower over the weekend, Kim made a grand entrance with her pimping momager behind her in an all white Grecian goddess with a massive booty type dress. It's like seeing Athena with a noteworthy badonkadonk.

I'm not sure Kim is quite as slender as her carefully manipulated magazine images might appear, although I'm going to guess this is perhaps the way Kanye and other men on her resume do like Kim. Fluffy and curvy and packing in a lot of everything into her dresses. She certainly still draws more attention and cameras than just about anybody in Hollywood. And she hasn't officially been a porn star in several years. That's a something. As are those curves. For a short woman, she is a lot of woman. Enjoy.