Kim Kardashian Twitpics Cleavage; Adrianne Curry Boobspace Pics of Her Own

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bill-swift - August 4, 2010

While I'm a man who loves, nay, worships, the concept of boob fights, I have to say they're a little less compelling when occurring in cyberspace. Still, when we're talking Kim Kardashian boobs and Adrianne Curry boobs, there's something to be said for Al Gore's little invention. Kim Kardashian, seen here blowing into her sister Khloe's ear, just couldn't wait to transmit her Between Melons Valley pic to the world. This ticked off the bored and unemployed Adrianne Curry, who took time out from ordering Peter Brady's low-carb dinner from Koo Koo Roo, to publish a headless photo of her own fine chest impression. Is this boob fight as impressive as the ones that we used to run for rent money in my basement apartment ? Well, the talent level is definitely higher. Enjoy.

And, because somebody asked how we can be sure the latter picture belongs to Adrianne Curry; try some CSI investigation on this recent twitpic from Comic-Con:


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