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TwitPic RoundUp: Adrianne Curry Arm Bra! Bella Thorne And Selena Gomez Bikinis!!

This week there are some seriously tasty dishes in our Twitpic RoundUp. The hot ladies of the world spent their time Instagraming and Tweeting lots of scantily clad pics. Maybe it’s a sign that Spring has sprung. We start with seriously sexy Adrianne Curry completely naked and using her arm as a strategically placed bra. Adrianne has one of the best racks I’ve ever seen and it’s my job to look at boobs. Next we have ginger beauty Bella Thorne in a tiny pink bikini. Bella Thorne makes me think some very bad thoughts. There is also Selena Gomez who is, wait for it, in a bikini. I’m starting to believe that Selena only wears bikinis. Seriously, it’s like every day. Not that there is anything wrong with that. You can also see Olivia Wilde‘s thong, Kendall Jenner sticking her hand down her sister Kylie‘s pants, and Maitland Ward wearing only body paint. Joy!

Jessica Lowndes also shows off her bikini body while floating in a pool. And of course, we can’t forget Charlotte McKinney demurely covering her ginormous boobage with her hands. Seriously, this gallery goes on and on with seriously sexy pics.

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Adrianne Curry Bare Booty, Kim Kardashian Fur Bikini, Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid in a Tub Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Well hello there, social media landscape filled with the visual wonderments published by the audience loving sextastic celebrities themselves. My how you’ve grown, in just the past few weeks and months. More skin, more photos, more delicious selfies and candids of the women who make a good chunk of their living by being super hot. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when they love to share.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup features Kim Kardashian flashing cleavage in her new fur bikini, Emily Ratajkowski not wearing any clothes in a tiny outdoor tub, Adrianne Curry flexing her bare backside for the selfie, Kelly Brook chesty workouts, Anna Kournikova in a return to bikini candids, Selena Gomez boudoir posing, and much much more. You own it to your deflated balls to psi each and every one of these truly hot social media shares into your libido. Enjoy.

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Adrianne Curry Topless Artistic Treasures on Nekkid Type Display in Kendal Carson Photoshoot


Editor’s Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been removed.

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I’m the first guy to admit I don’t get themes and motifs and anything artistic above the finger painting level. I really was a finger painting master up through the second grade when they found a color matching the paint on my index finger smudged on a sensitive area of a female classmates body. In my defense, she was the best looking girl in second grade and she completely understood my need for Picasso like explorations of line and space. However stupendously slow my artistic sensibilities are conversely how inexorably drawn I am to topless mostly nekkid hotties like exercise and cosplay queenie Adrianne Curry who got quite unclothed and bare boobtastic for a variety of noteworthy looks in a preview of this Kendal Carson photoshoot.

It’s certainly unique. You mix in all these heavily crafted looks with the taut toned and tight body of Adrianne Curry and her faptastic yams and you have something that reminds me of  both classical Greek sculpture and a show I had to keep putting in quarters to keep operating the last time I was in New York. What a glorious female form. Consider me artistically inspired once again. I’m going to need a lot of finger paint. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Bikini Pimping Time in Sin City

It’s cosplay queen Adrianne Curry’s time for a little bikini exhibition at the Encore Pool Club in Las Vegas. August is not traditionally the most temperate of climates for delighting in the outdoors in Sin City, but for the chance to see part-time fitness instructor and full-time social media hot bodied Adrianne Curry in a two piece, you can handle a little cook and burn.

The idea of jumping into a pool filled with guys reacting to the site of Adrianne Curry’s tight booty in a thong isn’t all that enticing in theory or practice. I think I’d sit by the cabana and hope she mistakes me for her submissive towel and lotion boy. Maybe snap a towel at me if I miss a spot. That’d be something that would not stay in Vegas, I assure you. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Catplay Cosplay Consumes Me at Comic-Con

Comic-Con has become far too big of a frenzy to get a read on these days. There is no novelty any longer as the fan boy convention has become subsumed by the media machine into just a massive film and television contention with half the world’s population and lots of posers. I mean, non virgin geeks who have corrupted it’s purity. Now pretty much the entirety of L.A and New York ship out to San Diego for the weekend each July to push anything from sit-coms to rom-coms to Dick Wolf crime dramas. It has lost its joie-de-vive, so to speak. But it hasn’t lost Adrianne Curry.

Adrianne has made a habit of picking out cool cosplay costumes that accentuate her fitness body and owning Comic-Con each year. The competition is not exactly the private model beaches of St. Tropez, but there are thousands of girls attempting to get noticed in their superhero get up each summer and Adrianne pretty much dominates. She wore a number of outfits over the nerd weekend, but Catwoman sold it for me. There was little room left for anything but mischief in that outfit. Just the way it should be. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence, Nina Dobrev, and Adrianne Curry Highlight the Hotness at Comic-Con

I don’t know, maybe the convention is getting older or maybe I’m getting older, or both. But it sure seems like we used to have much more skin at past Comic-Con events. Still, where else are you going to get to hang out with a few hundred thousand of your closest geek friends all trying to touch any humanoid life form with boobs? That’s a thing right there and an experience you really must experience at least once in your life.

And, of course, the weekend turned week long event was not without some juicy celebrity sightings, including Jennifer Lawrence who arrived on scene in a tight white dress to pimp Hunger Games, Nina Dobrev was also quite alluring promoting her own show, and then a little Mortal Kombat cosplay something something from Adrianne Curry who was there to promote her sweet melons. Yes, there were definitely some sights in San Diego. The ratios however were somewhere between sausage fest and all-boys school locker room. You really do have to go for the pure fanboy pageantry. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Hand Bra, Stella Hudgens and Jennette McCurdy Splits, and Kim Kardashian Classic Show-Off Pics Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, the day we express our sincerest affection and desire for the one we truly love — and when you’re a sextastic celebrity, more often than not, that object of affection is your own hot self. So click-click and snap-snap, why not show yourself off to the world on this day for lovers

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a few rather intimately revealing shots from Internet savvy Adrianne Curry, Rita Ora flashing her fantasy inducing midriff, some classic slender Kim Kardashian self-pics, McKayla Maroney serial twitpicking herself, Madonna sweating (yeah, I know), and oh, so much more. You owe it to the conclave of Cardinals choosing the next Pope to leer at each and every one of these photos. Enjoy.