Kesha Rape Trolling Continues

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Lex Jurgen - January 31, 2017

It's not that Dr. Luke didn't rape Kesha, it's simply that she can't provide any evidence that he did. Also, that bugaboo where she testified under oath that he didn't. Besides that, her case remains strong.

Dr. Luke added an additional defamation action to his lawsuit against Kesha for telling everybody that he raped her when it appeared she sent a new text to Lady Gaga insinuating Dr. Luke had raped other women as well. It's unknown if this was merely a breaking the ice conversation starter with another music artist who sings about rape, or maybe an opening for a request for more money for her legal defense now that Taylor Swift stopped sending checks.

After the rape charges were tossed, Kesha continued to sue Dr. Luke claiming he's sabotaging her work and ability to produce and distribute the three remaining albums under her Sony deal. Kesha's attorneys are framing the case as a songbird caged by an evil master. There are numerous hurdles of logic in that argument. In the interim, why not keep accusing the guy of rape and telling everybody in your industry surely he's a sexual criminal? Seems defamatory. 

Crying rape used to be a thing everybody discounted, now it's a thing everybody embraces. It's as if a large segment of the population has trouble contemplating any middle ground. Some rape cases are real, some are fake chicks with huge hips trying to sever an unfavorable recording contract by way of false charges. Hillary Clinton's "believe her no matter what" mantra mixed with fake Rolling Stone articles about campus rape haven't helped. 

Kesha never should have been a thing in the first place. Dr. Luke put her on the map. This is karma of some warped kind.

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