Kendall Jenner Wicked Hot Instagram Starlet

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bill-swift - October 21, 2017

It's hard to find truly redeeming qualities sub-surface in the Kardashian coven. But if you're looking for hope springs eternal, Kendall Jenner has refused many of the body altering options of her four other sisters, to keep her fine female form in traditionally au natural runway model shape. Not that either is a bad choice, but for those traditionalists who like their hotties un-inflated, Kendall might be your goddess.

The taller, leaner, hotter sisters doesn't really need to keep up her regular self-pimping portraits of sextastic on social media. She's already super famous, successful, and highly commercially sought after. But she does and thankfully so. The young 20-something Jenner sister posts regularly with selfies and shots of her alarmingly passion inducing body and spirit. With an emphasis on the former.

The current crop contains some glamorous looks, swimsuit, and some booty baring angles that may not be quite as obvious as her cushioned siblings, but certainly hella naughty idea promoting. Say what you want about these women, the price of admission is free and the show is always on. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram