Keira Knightley Porn Comic Makes Disney Mad

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bill-swift - March 12, 2007

Want to really piss off the folks at Disney? It's really easy. Just make a Keira Knightley porn comic based on Pirates of the Caribbean. That's just what Sinful Comics (NSFW) has done, and their hardcore porn comic, depicting Keira Knightley having sex with Johnny DeppOrlando Bloom, and the Davey Jones squid character, has made Disney very, very angry, reports The Sun.

A HARD-core porn comic has caused outrage by depicting Keira Knightley having sex with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.

The US publication, produced by a firm called Sinful Comics, boasts readers will see Keira, 21, as "she gets seduced" by her Pirates of the Caribbean co-stars.

Film-makers Disney are reported to be considering taking legal action.

Now, I can understand why Disney would be mad about this whole thing, but putting celebrities in cartoon porn is nothing new. It's not like we haven't all seen Homer and Marge Simpson getting it on in all their yellow glory, and who hasn't seen Mickey and Minnie Mouse going at it. Hell, I'm pretty sure I've even seen Donald Duck and Goofy being a little "experimental." So, Disney, it's time to relax, and maybe grow a sense of humor.

Anyway, here are some safe for work previews of the Keira Knightley porn comic.