Katie Holmes Bikinis in Pink Neon for Motherly Poolside Highlights in Miami

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bill-swift - January 1, 2014

Okay, here's the deal. I still have a crush on Katie Holmes. I refuse to let that whole Tom Cruise inexplicable few years ruin Katie forever. I think Katie looks mommy-great in Miami in her neon pink bikini. Having said that, we did omit pictures of more than just Suri, who I'd have to pawn off on one of the aunts or such if Katie and I were to be together in sweaty physical bliss. We cut out some unflattering pictures of Katie's midsection which has a certain looser look perhaps related to pushing out the pup when she's seated in a certain position.

My job here is to show the you the sextastic, not point out the flaws. But, for the sake of disclosure, I'm sure you can see the less prime pics on other sites. As for me, I'm going full-steam ahead with my Katie lust regardless of imperfections. Who knows, some day, people might find an imperfection with me. As if. Enjoy.