Kate Beckinsale, Will You Be My Mom?

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bill-swift - August 24, 2010

Oh, sure, everybody throws the term MILF around to describe each and every hot celebrity mom. But I'm not about the talk. I'm about the walk. I want Kate Beckinsale to adopt me and actually be my mom. She'd make me bologna sandwiches; I'd skin my knee and she'd kiss it to make it better; she'd say, 'Son, mommy needs some new pre-ripped short shorts to show off her amazing body, won't you be a dear and help out' and I'd make like the Flash and jet off into her drawers to find a pair. Oh, how she'd dote on me. Other boys would tease me about how hot my mom was, and I'd pretend to be angry, but know they're right. I'd just smile, thinking of my sexy mom. Kate Beckinsale.