Josephine Skriver Looking Sexy In Swimwear For Next

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bill-swift - December 30, 2014

Danish hottie Josephine Skriver was looking beachy sexy in a series of swimwear shots for Next. Josephine is one of those tall Scandinavian beauties that you need a ladder to climb up to give her a kiss. But further down the mountain is a truly terrific pair of ta-tas. They aren't super huge but look perfect with her frame. Proportion is beauty, if you recall from your undergrad art history class. My favorite has got to be the pink bikini top. It is the outfit that gives her the most killer cleav. I really need to get over to those Scandinavian countries. I hear the girls sunbathe topless in the parks in the summertime. They are much more sophisticated about public displays of boobage than we are here in the States.

Me, I'm solidly for letting those puppies fly free. Sure, you'll probably see some not so nice ones that you wish you hadn't but it would be worth it for the truly righteous funbags like Josephine's.

Photo Credit: Next