Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Hottie Outside of Letterman

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bill-swift - January 9, 2013

You know we have a penchant for puerile perusing of red headed, so now doubt we're a little biased when we say Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain looked pretty damn hot outside The David Letterman Show last night. Something about that red on deep blue that caught our eye, and as we kept gazing, we kept thinking more and more how much we're beginning to dig this thespianic who I think was in over 8,000 major motion pictures this past year, and only seem to be getting more work.

We are always on the lookout for new gingers to enter Camp Fireplug. Jessica Chastain is definitely peeking through the tent, err, I think we are peeking through the tent looking at Jessica Chastain. That's one of those tough metaphor things. Enjoy.

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