Samara Weaving Polaroids!

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Echo Lawrence - April 29, 2020

Samara Weaving is the Australian Actress we should all be excited about. Not Margot Robbie.

I figure when it comes to the entertainment industry, we should treat it with a bit of affirmative action and only allow a quota of non Americans into America to do the work! Especially if the work involves pretending to be Americans.

I figure those who come through should go through rigorous testing, maybe even an online competition in a WHO WILL BE THE NEXT TOP BILLING ACTRESS, rather than just handing it out frivolously.

I saw her in the movie The Babysitter and liked her, that's why I am hyping her up so much. She's also on a show called SMILF and will be in the upcoming Bill and Ted's.

So maybe there is room for more than one Australian babe, I mean let them all in! We need all the girls we can to stay properly entertained.