Jessica Alba Pictures Drop The Sexy on Cosmopolitan

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bill-swift - August 18, 2010

I'm not a regular reader of Cosmo, I get irked reading women giving other women tips on what men secretly love. C'mon. Does Egotastic! offer female fashion advice? I mean, outside of, 'wow, she'd look super hot without any clothes on'. Nay. Do we offer counsel on how to handle nosy mother-in-laws or the best new hair styles for Fall? Nay and nay. Still, when Pho'je, my mani-pedi guy, calls me with a red alert about sexy Jessica Alba pictures in Cosmo, I'm at the newsstand within five seconds. And I'm glad, because Jessica Alba lives in the realm of the super hottie, and these pictures are Alba at her sexiest, as sexy as she can be with clothes on (see Egotastic! female fashion tips above in this regard). Enjoy.