Jessica Alba Getting Closer and Closer to All-Ahead Full Hotness

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bill-swift - December 6, 2011

This must be how people who live across the way from traditional Persian rug weavers feel as they look out each morning on the skilled hands of the craftsmen weaving works of flooring art from their colorful skeins of yarn. Or, maybe how a proud parent of an Olympiad gymnast feels knowing that forcibly training their child from an early age and stunting their growth has now led these many years later to the perfect tumble run on the floor exercise. Or, maybe, just maybe, the extraordinary feeling of accomplishment from my friend Bobby Whiteass who spends a month turning his annual hunting of the deer with a telescopic lens from the next county over after his 27 days of perfect venison jerky dry-hanging in the backyard of his Akron area apartment slash bungalow. Waiting, watching, perfection.

Documenting the return to greatness once more of the uber-sextastic Jessica Alba since the pushing through the pipeline of her second child is like watching the formation of a wonder of nature, a future once-again testament to supreme hotness, showing her vast potential to make men weak in the knees once more at the March of Dimes charity event in Los Angeles over the weekend. At this point, it's only a matter of time before we become, once more, fully engaged with Ms. Alba. Enjoy.