Jessica Alba vs. Cameron Diaz: Flashing Leg in Wintry Paris

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bill-swift - January 26, 2011

Okay, so maybe these photos would only be considered racy many decades ago for government censors, but I still find something sexy about the slight flash of sexy leg from 'neath the winter coat from a hot celebrity. In this case, Jessica Alba, who is so amazingly hot, she's turning Gay Paris into Straight Paris, during her barnstorming of the city's highest ranked parties of the season; and, Cameron Diaz, who's in Paris doing what she's been doing all over the globe the past month -- endlessly trying to bang the playoff jinx right out of A-Rod. (Don't get me started on those two and their locked up hotel rooms around the world tour.) Still, a couple hot ladies, four peeking legs, be still my naughty 1950's heart. Enjoy.

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