Jennifer Nicole Lee Works Out, You Ogle, Everybody Wins

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bill-swift - January 15, 2014

I respect a woman who works hard for the money. Or sweats hard for the honey. Or just a BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru who flashes her toned body in public when working out in the park. I realize the pendulum can swing too far in either the direction of too conservative or too much show, but I'd always rather have it tilts toward the exhibitionist. But I am a big fan of all lady show, public, private, jailhouse conjugal visits. I'm completely open.

Jennifer Nicole Leetook to the park in Miami to shape, tone, and fit her body whilst giving the public a nice view of her tightly constructed mom body. The cleavy bodysuit is about the most clothing Jennifer has worn out in public that we've ever seen. Still, she manages to turn it into a publicly sweet indecency that doesn't make me want to workout so much as pull up a beach chair and crack a beer. Enjoy.