Victoria Swarovski Bikini Heiress!

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Tex Hollywood - June 30, 2020

Victoria Swarovski is a 26 year old Heiress from Austria, who has taken her rich as hell ass to Ibiza on a yacht where she is showcasing some bikinis!

I am not too sure how famous she is despite her 400,000 followers, in part because she's European based and they have their own network of celebrities that don't ever cross over to North America, but also because you can buy 400,000 followers for about 40 dollars from the right ROBOT SPAM ACCOUNT SUPPLIER. You see, because Social Media is a Lie.

She is a host on a TV show called Let's Dance, because the world apparently loves to dance. She replaced the much older and much hotter host Sylvie Meis.

I do know that the name Swarovski is famous, in a way like her own Paris Hilton, recognized by the familiar shop you see in ever mall across America selling crystal figurines. Swarovski was founded in 1895, so they've been around for a while and they do about 3.5 billion Euro in revenue and is still run by the family, so hosting, modeling, bikini-ing or not, she'll be just fine!

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