Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pictures Continue to Rock Hard Ab Your World

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bill-swift - February 17, 2012

While some of our Miami hottie favorites have left the beach town at the end of the winter season, supremely sextastic BBW turned MILF, Jennifer Nicole Lee, calls Miami home, and therefore we get to see her and her showoff worked body pretty much 365 days a day, though only about 350 days a year in a bikini, and we love them all.

The super fitness mom with the body to kill for, was flashing her bodily wares at a a Miami pool, basically serving as a walking billboard for her high-end fitness guru services. Want to get a body like Jennifer Nicole Lee? Pay up, sister. Or if you can find yourself with just appreciating her fine rock hard assets, then you can watch for free. We always take the window shopping route. Enjoy.