Jennifer Nicole Lee And a Skintight Dress Makes Shopping Interesting For Men

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bill-swift - January 11, 2012

As a man, I mean, really, a man among men, I'm bound to find distaste in the activity known as shopping. Buying, hell yeah, love that. And, okay, perusing certain intimate women's apparel departments in stores where my face is not yet well-known by mall security, okay, that too. But strolling the boulevard, peering into windows, calling things 'cute', and insisting that we absolutely must peek inside a boutique, I'd rather watch a WNBA game from start to finish with nothing but a rice cracker in my nachos bowl.

But, I'll say this, shopping with super-bodied MILF Jennifer Nicole Lee, that's something I could really get into. The fitness guru once again proved that she can comfortably wear skintight outfits that make us of the leering set most uncomfortable, and she can wear it ever so well. I think it's a dress, or workout suit or wetsuit or something, all I know is I really want to pull that zipper. Enjoy.