Jennifer Lopez Bikini Holiday with Alex Rodriguez

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elliot-wolf - June 26, 2018

A lot has changed over the years. There seems to be a national holiday for just about any and every thing these days. Sure donut day sounds awesome, and what red-blooded American doesn’t appreciate national puppy day? But there is one holiday in particular that happens to be my favorite of them all, bikini day. And Jennifer Lopez looks like she was feeling more than just a little festive. Her body in a bikini is sure something to celebrate. Borderline worship. There needs to be an entire month dedicated to appreciating women in bikinis. I would write and recite songs about how hot Jennifer looks in her two-piece on the beach.

Hopefully bikini day turns into bikini week. Then from a week to a month. Until eventually Jennifer throws out all of her attire and wears nothing but bikinis year round. She looks like a dedicated woman who takes no days off. She hasn’t taken a day off from looking amazing and now she can look even more amazing by wearing a bikini everywhere she goes. That may sound selfish of me but it’s in her best interest. She should look her best every time she’s in public. And what article of clothing looks better on Jennifer than a bikini?




Photo Credit: Backgrid

Video Credit: ARod Instagram