Jennifer Lawrence’s Shirt Is Epic

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jhanson - March 31, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence posed for Dior's 2017 fashion line wearing a shirt that says "We Should All Be Feminists." It's unclear what that means. Certainly we need checks and balances. Also if men continue pretending to be feminists in order to get laid our species are going to become increasingly weak, allergic to peanutbutter, and eventually we'll die off much sooner than could have been avoided. It's also unclear if Lawrence routinely uses the medium of T shirt to express herself. Does she own one that says, "I'll Have The Salmon"? 

The shirt costs $710. We should all do our part and buy one. A portion of its sales will be donated to charity. That usually means ten percent less expenses. Hallelujah, the planet's troubles are over. The rest will go directly to Dior, a brand whose clientele is so out of touch and accustomed to spending other people's money that they don't even list their prices on their website. You can however get a quote. You can also get some anthrax. 

Lawrence recently inked a $20 million deal to be Dior's Brand Ambassador. It's like being a UN Ambassador except actual work is laid out in your contract. It remains a mystery if Lawrence understands her role, but assume anyone who keeps their anus photos on the iCloud and then responds to routine phishing scams isn't incredibly streetwise. 

The charity to receive a couple points on each t-shirt is the Clara Lionel Foundation. It was founded by Rihanna as a vanity project and spends much of its money on swanky parties which Lawrence attends in a ballgown which could feed eleven hundred poor kids through to Star Wars X. The world is fucked up. Tis shitty T shirt is our only hope. 

We Should All Like The Meat Puppets. T-shirt it.

Photo Credit: DIOR 

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