Jennifer Lawrence Cut-Out and White Hot at London Premiere of X-Men Apocalypse

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bill-swift - May 10, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence, you move me in ways I can't begin to describe using just words. It would have to be some kind of low guttural moan combined with the pantomime of a man just winning a gold medal for dead lifting. I've kind of perfected that expression of pleasure. I really should trademark it and let them use it in commercials for women's shoes.

Jennifer took to the London red carpet for the premiere of X-Men which I think must be showing over there before over here as is often the case. They do that to test the spoiler alert politeness of the Brits. There were nothing but good vibes and sweet peeks coming from the red carpet itself as Jennifer showed up strong in a cut-out fancy dress highlighting her mutant mammaries. Maybe not mutant, but definitely something mmm. I'm still not convinced Jennifer Lawrence is a great thespianic. I am convinced I love seeing her in movies. And the red carpet. Complete ownage by way of boobtastic peekaboo. Job well done, JLaw. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News