Jennifer Lawrence is Deadly, Sexy in New ‘Red Sparrow’ TV Spot (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - January 15, 2018


Jennifer Lawrence has either entered the IDGAF phase of her career or she's embracing her sexuality on screen in a big way. Rumor has it that she'll be going nude on screen in the upcoming Red Sparrow, and if the promotional materials are to be believed, it seems like a fairly safe bet. That or they're trolling us again like they did with Passengers.

This new TV spot dubbed "A Sparrow Knows" shows J-Law in sexy lingerie seducing some guy right in the opening seconds. I sincerely hope this is her Under the Skin where she just throws caution to the wind and shows off her absolutely incredible naked body! I mean, if she went topless just to get punched in the face repeatedly in mother!, why wouldn't she show off a bit in this film. After all, as the trailers and TV spots make abundantly clear, her body is her weapon.

I wonder what the general audience reaction to this flick is going to be. I imagine the vast majority of people still love Lawrence and will watch her in anything, especially a genre flick like this. However, after both aforementioned films mother! and Passengers, she's lost some credibility in her ability to pick worthwhile projects. Hopefully this one's a big time rebound for her. Red Sparrow opens on March 2.

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