Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker Bring Heat to the Red Carpet at the ‘Just Go With It’ Premiere

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bill-swift - February 23, 2011

Well, you know if I were forced to pick between the two leading ladies of the Adam Sandler comedy, Just Go With It, I'd likely choose Brooklyn Decker, you know, because of my monster infatuation with the blonde goddess, not to mention the nipple pokes she brought to bear at the Berlin premiere of the film. However, Jennifer Aniston, the proverbial bridesmaid and owner of an immense collection of personal pleasure devices, manages to hold her own and flash the fit body in her own little black number, and has nothing to be ashamed of in terms of red carpet hotness ratings. Personally, I'd like to just go with it with both of these lovely lasses. Enjoy.

(Update: thanks to all of you writing in to flesh out the fleshy bits visible betwixt the legs of Brooklyn Decker. I think it's some kind of tribute to the unrest in North Africa, a signal that Brooklyn's ship of the desert remains unhoofed. Double enjoy.)

Photo credit: Fame / Splash News