Is It An N64? Is It A PC? Is It… Superman?

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chris-littlechild - April 8, 2016

  Now, I’m no nerdly PC buff. Far from it. I’d be pretty damn content writing away on one of those huge chunky-ass seventies typewriters, like the guy used in Misery. As long as it wasn’t missing the ‘E’, and I wasn’t imprisoned by a demented fan who wanted to hatchet my foot off and run down cops on a ride-on lawnmower. That’d put quite a downer on the whole thing, I admit.  

As such, it takes quite a lot for a new PC to make me lose bowel control, buddy boy. Something damn special. Something like this, fresh from the talented hands of modder istartedthewar.

I feel a warm glowing warming glow in my happy parts at the sight of this bad boy. What you’re looking at is the shell of an old unwanted N64 system, with a fairly capable PC hiding in the belly.

It’s no amazing slice of high-end techtastic, that’s for sure (‘A small Gigabyte motherboard, an A10-7850k CPU, 8GB memory, a 128GB SSD. No Geforce Titans in there, but it still has enough power to run Battlefield 4 for example, at lower resolutions,’ Kotaku reports), but it’s awesome nonetheless. Retro heads everywhere will want to hit the link for a closer ogle.


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