Infographic Daily: Who’s Turning You On?

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bill-swift - August 19, 2012

We know there are tons of Egotastic All-Starswho turn you on day in and day out, but we're not talking about that in today's infographic. Rather, we're talking about the mobile gadgets that you use every day and how these devices are turning you on--in the literal sense.

Let's face it. We've all grown increasingly dependent on our smartphones and tablets and laptops because they make communication, gaming, and pleasure surfing (yeah, you know what I mean) easier and extremely convenient.

While this isn't exactly a bad thing, it isn't a good thing either. Aside from being dependent on these gadgets, some people are also become too attached to them. In fact, you know it's already too much when:

  • It's always turned on (48% of users never turn their phones off)
  • You sleep with your phone (64% of users have their phones at their bedside)
  • You take calls while taking a dump (half of Americans do this!)

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