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Kelly Bensimon Upskirt Panties Peek And Nip Slip In See Through Blouse, Now That’s a Photoshoot!

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If you arrive to your photoshoot flashing your panties, it’s a solid sign that things are about to get even more interesting. As in the case of Real Housewife and model Kelly Bensimon who flashed her lacy white panties before slipping into something more comfortable for her New York photoshoot. Well, something more see-through that combined with a wardrobe malfunction created a quite visible nipple slip from the MILFtastic Kelly.

You know, if you’re going to model the haute couture in public, you ever run the risk of showing off more than you intended. Well, your risk, our reward. Forties and faptastic mom Kelly has dazzled us in her veteran bikini looks, but blessedly now we get to see mom showing just a bit more. This is how boys become men. Well, battle to. But leers suffice more peacefully so. Lovely bit of nipple sunshine. Thank you, Kelly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/PacificCoastNews

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Topless Whipped Vikings and Hottie Brothel Barers Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Hello, boobs. We really ought be polite when addressing our holy bits of goodness that give us so much pleasure and ask for so little in return. This week’s Boob Tube Roundup in particular focuses on a double heaping of the bare funbags on the small screen, where all the chesty reveals are happening in viewable media these days.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes Karen Hassan taking an either punishing or passionate topless whipping in Vikings, depending on your interpretation, and Xena Avramidis and a few of her lovely lass friends baring all in the brothel for Game of Thrones. Oh, how the casting sessions for that show must be simply outstanding. Jealous am I. Oh, yes, Yoda. Undoubtedly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Game Of Thrones” HBO/”Vikings” History Network

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Natalia Paris Topless Sextastic Booty Call in Front of the Eiffel Tower

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Natalia Paris topless in Paris? Um yeah. Another idea so simply faptastic yet dangerously alluring that it just had to come from the groovy minded folks at SoHo in Colombia who took this hot, naughty, and downright dangerous model Natalia Paris and took her to Paris to show off without many clothes. Why didn’t I think of this? Okay, I did, but Natalia returned all my letters unread, including the one containing the candy valentine hearts. I did eat those, they shouldn’t go to waste.

The form girlfriend of many a bad-ass warlord and such, Natalia shows that she’s still got plenty of tools to make men do battle, or in the least, lots of really thoughtless things. Her booty alone in front of the Eiffel Tower has to be considered one of the combined wonders of the modern world. There is a reason that damn thing remains erect after 150 years. Women such as Natalia Paris flashing their brilliant T’s and even more alluring A’s to its skeletal structure. These are the days I wish I were a very wealthy Frenchman. Or just the wealthy part. Enjoy.

You may remember how we first met Natalia Paris, by way of the world’s luckiest teddy bear. Oh, to be stuffed like this:

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

Salma Hayek Bare Booty and Sienna Guillory Steamy Topless Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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It’s time, boys and girls. For a preview of the best of the nekkid celebrity best available on various media platforms this weekend according to our friends at Mr. Skin. Those fun loving skin loving merrymakers put together their top 3 list of must see funbags each week just for the love of the flesh. It’s an act of charity of the highest order. Also, illegal in thirty-seven countries as are most fun things.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Salma Hayek in her bra and panties and baring her bare sweet bottom in Everly, now available on Blu-Ray, Lotte Verbeek topless crowd surfing in Outlanders on Starz, and Sienna Guillory quite nekkid and steamy in the first season of Fortitude, Britty and now available also on Blu-Ray. That’s three handfuls of visual goodness right there. You only have two hands, but you’re craft, you’ll figure something out. Enjoy.

(And you must, I mean, really must, get your own Mr. Skin Membership so you can have fun 7x24x365 times however long your ticker lasts. It really is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.)

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute

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READER FINDS: Charli XCX See Through No Bra, Charlize Theron Topless, Elizabeth Olsen Hotness, and Much Much More…

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Happy days are here again. Or the happiest of days. Fridays. When I insert my retractable claw hand into the Reader Finds email bag and find what bits of skin-filled goodies all of you have submitted in this past week. I feel like Satan reaching into his bag of souls to see which politician he pulls out. Only, my bag has even more boobs than his.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charli XCX in a revealing boobtastic top (thank you to EgoReader ‘Joseph H.’), Alyssa Milano in one of her classic topless skinematics (blessings of ta-ta’s from ‘Elsinore’), Maude Hirst and Alyssa Sunderland in the lovely short lived Vikings (Nordic takk to ‘Stephen’), Charlize Theron topless in Reindeer Games (oh, I remember, via ‘Rony E.’), Elizabeth Olsen delightfully hot cleavage (shoop shoop submitted by ‘Benny’), Gisele Bundchen young see-through top modeling, maybe slightly altered (lovely leers via ‘Bill’), Jordana Brewster bikini goodnes on the silver screen (kindly gifted by ‘Bono’), Julian Wells topless perfection in Entourage (a visual goody from ‘Amanda’), Kendall Jenner near nip slips in her GQ shoot (angled in by ‘Anon’), Krista Allen double D’s in a double dose of skinematics (seismic shifts from ‘Owen’), Lauren Hays lovely topless onscreen (kudos to ‘Kenneth’), Mai Ping Guo who we saw in a bikini this week now quite nekkid (lovely discovery by ‘Reg W.’), Olivia Wilde thong peek on Instagram (much ado about thongs from ‘Ed’), and Zia Gorog wicked hot body in Playboy (added to the archives by ‘David M.’). If you can’t handle it, just take a nap right now off to the side. The adventurous among us are coming through to reap the visual harvest. Enjoy.

Gia Genevieve Takes All Her Clothes Off For Terry Richardson

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Say what you will about Terry Richardson, he just keeps on keeping on. And for those concerned letter writers, he remains completely without any formal, official, or otherwise independently judged sanctions of any kind, which is why we still feature his work. We would do the same innocent until otherwise for each of you. I’m kind of big on that standard.

Also, naturally, Terry still gets the wicked hot girls to come to his studio and remove all their clothes for smiling bubbly bodaciously topless or nekkid photoshoots in his rather simplistic styles. That’s a superpower right there, far better than flying or lasers from the eyes or such. You’ve got nowhere to fly and nobody to laser when nekkid models are lined up in your place of work. Like Gia Genevieve, the throwback blonde bombshell model with the curves of a heavenly body I’d stare at through my telescope during puberty. Wowzer. I’m pretty sure even the gloves work. Such is Gia’s mighty allure. Bless you for sharing your gifts. They are mighty indeed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

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Lacey Banghard, Kelly Hall, Lucy Collet, Rhian Sugden, Rosie Jones All Topless Holler for a Page 3 Roundup

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This is like night of a thousand stars. Or at least day of ten incredible funbags. All my virtual girlfriends from across the pond are together again in our mammary filled roundup of the best of the still going fleshy strong Page 3 lovely lass photos in the U.K.

Lacey Banghard, Kelly Hall, Rosie Jones and the rest of the ungodly sextastic gang of girls whose entire purpose in professional life is to make men smile. How many people can you say that about? Well, how many people can you say that about who also have incredible racks bare and in your face? Do you see how I just elevated them to goddess status? It’s the least these melon blessed ladies deserve. The most would be to be honored by the queen. Not sure that will happen. Let’s just tap them with our own swords for now. Bless you super fine women with playful lovely yams. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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