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Rose McGowan Full Frontal Naked Veteran Hotness in Flaunt Magazine


If you got it, flaunt it. Rose McGowan has got it. This Forty and Faptastic club member gets an occasional jeer for some unfortunate 90210 modifications in the past, but I'll state unequivocally that Rose McGowan is one beautiful looking lady. Granted, I don't know what unequivocally means. And, yes, I may be slightly prejudiced since Rose has one super stellar female form completely revealed, head to fun parts, in this Flaunt Magazine pictorial.

How many Tinsel Town actresses do you know who will bare their lady nest full and frontal with blessedly uncovered teats in such a classic manner? The list is truly very short. The opposite of my feelings for Rose. Whatever you're doing, my lovely, keep on doing it. You are a blessing to gentleman oglers and Sapphic leaning women everywhere. Bravo. And, yes, do call me. Enjoy.

India Reynolds Topless Showdown With Sisterly Brunette Holly Peers


There's really no reason to take two perfectly friendly glamorous girls with ridiculously hot bodies and force them into brutally honest chestal competition. Okay one reason. It's really fun. The notion that you could have one of these set tremendous peaches perched over your drooling maw, let alone two battling it out for the right to perch. Wow, that's like doubling down on the dream. I admire the ambition.

This week's Battle of the Boobtastic features two of my all-time favorite all-stars, India Reynolds and her cheeky sweetness taking on Holly Peers, a woman for whom I'd root for the Raiders if she told me it made her hot. That's a big give. She's a big hot girl. For your part, it is the role to decide the winner, and, ergo, the not winner. In your opinion, between these two super fine vixens, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: India Reynolds vs. Holly Peers

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Lucy Collett Topless Pictures of Stripety Bodysuit Revelation, Like the Juiciest Fruit of All


Ginger topped glamour model Lucy Collett and I have had an ongoing affair of the heart for several years now. Naturally, she's not quite as aware of this affair as I am, devoting many many hours to our relationship while Lucy mostly pretends to not know I exist or acknowledge my correspondence. I just assume this is how relationships mostly work.

But as long as our mutual or one-sided lust has lingered, every time I see Lucy in another sextastic boobtastic revealing pictorial, I fall into moist desire all over again. And, yes, for the record Moist Desire was the name of my band in high school. She's just a curvaceous smiling faptastic wonder of bosomy perfect proportions. I want Lucy to pop out of every cake ever made. Even the little tiny ones at the grocery store. That would be something. Bless you once more, Lucy Collett. You have a higher calling. Enjoy.

(Be sure to visit Lucy's Official Fanpage for all your ginger topped hottie needs.)

Miss Bumbum Finalist Claudia Alende Homages Kim Kardashian Nekkid Shoot


You know you've at least partially broken the Internet when you have Brazilian butt contest girls biting your photoshoots. Love it or hate it, the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine nekkid shoot has made an impression around the globe. Thus we find Claudia Alende of Miss BumBum Brazil contest doing her best to imitate the now infamous set of forward, sideway, and butt-ways views of the lightly to not-dressed at all Kim.

Hmm. I need some time to ponder this one. It's bizarre, yet mesmerizing. A bit oaky in its aroma. Yes, I think I like it. I'm not suggesting that every Brazilian girl with a large keester try their own version of these shiny bottom poses, but I'm also thinking if that did happen that wouldn't be such a horrible thing. Is it possible that Kim Kardashian has done something positive for this world? That needs a lot more time to ruminate. Enjoy.

Dorith Mous Topless Nekkid Edgy in Black and White


Dutch model Dorith Mous is known for her unique look and edgy personality when compared to some of the Wonder Breads in the fashion modeling world. Not that there's anything wrong with Wonder Bread, it got me through several years of my life. But Dorith is known for her smoking, piercings, tough girl persona that allures many photographers such as Mario Kroes to want to shoot her looking nekkid but powerful. I get that because I find all nekkid women to be powerful. Just by way of exercise, trying saying no to a  request from one sometime. I know, you can't.

Black and white makes everything artistic. You tell your significant other that please but not that you heard it from me. Anything monochromatic has instant cultural street cred. Especially smoking hot Dutch girls smoking nekkid in bed. For sure, them. Ah, art, you are at some small instances so very helpful to the gentleman ogler. Enjoy.

Adriana Lima Topless Pictures for Pirelli, Start Your Engines, Gentlemen Oglers


The annual Pirelli Calendar is out for it's fiftieth year. While there was a modern day attempt to stylize up the annual wall calendar tribute to hot models showing skin in hot locales, this year seems to be a return to the glory days of the calendar, including world class model sextastic Adriana Lima flashing her Brazilian yams for the love of all things visual wonderment.

Some people might say the day and age of the topless hot model calendar are behind us. That it's a product of the last century that perhaps ought to be discontinued for the sake of progress and new social values. I say, c'mon, January 1st!  I've got about 15 calendars here just waiting to be opened up! Sometimes, the old ways are still the best ways. Enjoy.

Miss BumBum Competition Uses A and T to Determine a Winner, Hint, It’s You


The actual winner was Indianara Carvalho. She's second from the right in the main image. But I like to think the entire world wins when the round bootied girls of Brazil take to the stage to name the best asstastic in class and throw in some funbag baring exhibition just to add a little spice to the rump roast dish. Oh, sure, some might find a pageant precisely formed to find the finest seat cushioned girl in all twelve villages a bit anachronistic and not up to the dignified levels of the Miss America pageant for example. But then those people haven't been watching the Miss America pageant recently. Plus, they obviously hate lady butts so I'm not sure we could ever get along.

The Miss BumBum contest is a fine long standing Brazilian tradition. Why not get rid of hula dancers in Hawaii or half-dressed girls on ice during NHL breaks? Perish the thought. Miss BumBum stays, along with the rest of those skin baring elegant traditions. Let us not forsake our roots, or, worse yet, deny hot women the chance to flash their fun bits. A chill just ran up my spine. Enjoy.