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Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless and Dolphin Friendly in the Pool


Oh, I do love a good pool picture party around the beginning of winter to remind me how hotties are best served — warmly. While the vision of racktastic Sammy Braddy in a parka and snow boots is still plenty enough to rev my easily started engines. Just look at Sammy and the way makes both man and inflatable pool toys, well, inflate.

On Wednesdays we give thanks to the wonderful boobtastic and crazy hot women that makes this world spin around at just the precise RPM to keep us modestly grounded, but our thoughts still pie in the sky. Sammy certainly is a stellar slice of that pie. Huzzah!

Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy


Anna Makarenko Topless Blonde Magazine Treats


I have to admit when I first saw this girl I thought it was Mickey Rourke’s much younger Russian model girlfriend who has nearly the same name, and a very similar body. But I’m pretty sure my extensive research of up to four minutes and eleven seconds bears out that this blonde hottie is not the same blonde hottie who is slowly killing Mickey Rourke with her younger woman requests for attention. Though I would allow this Anna Makarenko featured in Interviu magazine to kill me slowly, or fast, with whatever demands she could imagine.

Anna has what you might call a very dangerous body. Not necessarily dangerous to herself, but to men worldwide. I expect her faptastic bare bosom to be responsible for millions of dollars in lost productivity today alone. You don’t see time and money lost to ogling sweet teats counted in the World Almanac of Facts or any government economic reports. But the day you do, expect to count many many zeroes. Bless you and your fine female form, Anna. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interviu Spain

Alice Goodwin Is Your Hot Brunette Fantasy Girl, Go On, Admit Your Naughitness!


Sometimes I’m shouting at you, but I’m really shouting at myself. That’s why my shrink the esteemed Dr. Wilcox-Spangler told me recently in session. So, perhaps Alice Goodwin is my hot brunette fantasy girl and I’m the naughty one. It certainly seems within the realm of possibility. I do happen to love beautiful women with raven hair and jugs that could contain me like the happiest prisoner on earth.

Feature in the Zoo Magazine hottest brunettes list, Alice Goodwin continues a relatively long and hallowed career of making men feel like a man and women feel just a little bit more like a horny Ellen Page than they might otherwise. Oh, Alice, why would Mother Nature even invent such a bodacious bosomed passion inducing hottie named Alice except to tease the heck out of the rest of us? I have no answers, just eyeballs blowing out like Bluto. Alice Goodwin, you move my soul. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoo Magazine

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Summer St. Claire Removes Her Top and My World Goes to Happy Pieces


It’s always Summer somewhere. I should amend that to say, I’m always ogling Summer St. Claire somewhere, year round, because I happen to have a thing for hot brunettes with perfectly divine funbags who love to strip on camera. I know, it’s just me. What? You too? Well then you’re welcome to enter the Honeycomb Hideout of hotties I’ve made my life’s work.

Summer St. Claire reminds me that you don’t even need particularly good lighting if you have one stellar fine female form and some lingerie that doesn’t stay on for very long. Oh, those delicious passion inducing teats on Summer St. Claire. Just so motorboatable, even though that’s technically not a word though it clearly should be. She inspires my head to the left and the right in rapid fashion whilst making outboard engine sounds. No doubt. Summer, you’ve once against helped us conquer winter. Bless your entire body of work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Summer St. Claire

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Cora Keegan Topless Tall and Lanky Nekkid Hot


If you’re like me and you happen to dig tall blonde American models who stand out for their lack of fear in posing nekkid for wicked hot shoots then fall in lust once again with Cora Keegan, the slender fair haired darling of the modeling world. Cora seems to understand that Mother Nature gave her a naturally hot body for a reason. And, no, that reason was not to wear double sweaters and baggy pants and pretend she’s not female form blessed. Share your talents with the world and make it a better place for all as Cora does in this revealing Chadwick Tyler photo shoot.

Every wish I’ve ever made with every candle blown out involves something close to all ridiculously sextastic women following Cora’s lead in liberating their bodies for the cameras, if not while covered in honey mustard and rolling around on my faux deer skin before my even more faux fireplace. Both would be wonderful. I think I once always wished for peace on earth, but that felt too amorphous so I voted for more hot nekkid women because that is the road to get there. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chadwick Tyler

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Are You Watching All the Topless Asian Hotties on Marco Polo on Netflix Yet?



This is not a paid advertisement for the Marco Polo series just launched on Netflix. This is an unpaid advertisement for one of the best new shows featuring an epic amount of hot Asian lady bodacious nekkidness. One of these days, I’ll actually figure out how to get paid and I can do both I suppose.

The show centers around tMarco Polo as stud in the court of Kublai Khan. I think he was Genghis’s more kindly uncle or something. In either case, concubines seemed to be pretty plentiful and not so big on wearing clothes. Which is where I come in. With a pleasant walk down mammary lane of Mongolia circa the 13th century. Check out the bevy of boobtastic beauties from the first six episodes of the first season and see if you don’t fall in lust with this latest from Netflix. Granted, not all the Asian ladies are Asian, but I love a nekkid melting pot. Netflix doesn’t skimp on the sets or teats, I will say that. I’ll also throw in a solid, dang! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marco Polo/Netflix

Camilla Christensen Topless Shoot for Danish Model Delights

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This is a strange one. A rather odd pictorial of hot Danish model Camilla Christensen quite topless and occasionally nekkid by photographer Chadwick Tyler. I must admit, strong expressions of artistic vision tend to frighten me a bit. I fear creative composition and motifs and symbols. But I do happen to love Danish models who bare their bodies so that others might bear good feelings.

During this season of giving and peace on earth, you could do worth than various hot pieces of Camilla Christensen dancing like sugar plum fairies in one of your two heads. I know she inspires me to be a more generous man. When she sees my NSFW holiday card this season I think she’ll see the extend of my generosity. Also, the cute beagles I borrowed from my neighbor for my photo. My dog won’t do photos that are not specifically part of his contract. Camilla, bless you and your wonderful teats this Christmas. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chadwick Tyler

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