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READER FINDS: Emmy Rossum Panties, Nina Agdal Lingerie, Jacinda Barrett Topless and Much Much More…


Hello there, Friday, most sacred of all weekdays for you are the one in seven rotations of the moon in which we as a community come together to collectively, yet prophylactically, frolic in the sight of Reader submitted celebrity sextastic. It’s the our own private champagne room version of making it rain, but without the need for dirty money or the uncanny smell of old licorice. Reader Finds is that time when we express ourselves socially, emotionally, and ultimately, once nobody is watching or we can close the door, quite physically. I find the entire thing to be a truly spiritual journey.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Nina Agdal scrumptious in lingerie (with many thanks to EgoReader ‘Barry T.’), Jacinda Barrett topless in skinematic perfection (much appreciation to ‘Ross’), 80′s lovely Betsy Russell topless onscreen in not one but two memorable roles (double wowzers provided by ‘Ellen’), Entourage’s Debbie Mazar flashing her bare Funions (unexpected goodies from ‘Tony C.’), Emmy Rossum in her undies for her new film (delicious snackables via ‘Gary’), Kari Wuhrer topless in the shower (kind find from ‘Alex’), Miranda Kerr crazy hot photoshoot (delivered to the door by ‘French’), Ophelia Kolb flashing ta’s for thespianics (curvy goodness tossed in by ‘Owen’), Taryn Terrell showing off her chestal goodies (oh, my my experience by ‘Doug’), , Helena Bonham Carter topless and making the sexy (crazy topless dramatics via ‘Stephen P.’, Ashley Olsen in perhaps her finest pictorial ever (sweet eagle eyed find from ‘Devon’), Ariana Grande highkicking panties peeks in her music video (from a ton of you who fell in love with this video), and last but not in any way least, hottie Vita Sidorkina topless Russian goodness (visual blessings from EgoReader ‘Chris’). It’s a good amount of hot skin. Do not enter if you have a weak heart or fear your may erupt in tears. Neither would be a good way for people to find you. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Topless Pictures! Oh, Baby Bare Reese Peekaboo in ‘Wild’


There’s some early Oscar buzz on Reese Witherspoon and her epic performance in Wild. And, yes, I’ve called him Oscar since puberty, it just seemed to fit. Either way, he’s definitely buzzing upon seeing this snapshot of Reese’s top shots all bare and beautiful in the film. I know this movie is an amazingly moving dramatic tale of an outdoor adventure, but the indoor parts seem to be what shall move many of us the most. Did I happen to mention Reese Witherspoon topless?

I’ve loved Reese since our eyes first meet, well, since my eyes first met starting at her blindly on screen. She’s grown into quite the MILFtastic thespianic who takes challenges in her film roles. Including the challenge of being extremely cute and topless, which I suppose is more of a burden for us than for Reese who has the benefit of owning such sweet funbags. I’m kind of confused and foggy headed at the moment. I might need my own thousand mile treacherous hike to clear my head. Or, another beer and more peeks at Reese. If you know me well, you know that’s really just one option. Enjoy.

Jaclyn Swedberg Nekkid New and So Damn Hot for Playboy (Get Playboy.TV Free Week for Xmas!)


One of the most popular lovely lasses we’ve shared visual wonderments this year had to be Jaclyn Swedberg who reappeared in numerous bikini photoshoots in 2014. So, fortune of fortunes that our friends at PlayboyPlus just this week launched her latest hottest topless pictorial for the bunny magazine. Truly a princess among princesses. A brunette hottie of curvaceous, nay, monumental proportions.

Playboy.TV for Free for One Week For Christmas Stocking Stuffer Supreme! 

If you haven’t found that perfect gift yet for Xmas for your favorite people yet, including most definitely yourself, please do consider the very best opportunity on the web for world class fun-girl-no-clothing content on Playboy.TV which can be yours this Yuletide for one heavenly Free Week of sinful exploration. I’ve yet to meet the man or Sapphic leaning woman who has not been pleased with their subscription or the chaffing that occurs happily thereafter. It truly is the most amazing, low cost gift available for the holidays. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy

Halle Von and Dakota James When Not At the Beach, Getting It On In Their Day Jobs


Now, if you’ve been following Egotastic! for some time now, you just knew when we shared the epic thong pictures of Halle Von and Dakota James this morning, that I was certainly going to dig into my magic hat of All Good Things and produce some of these two fine young au natural actresses work to get a better feel for their skill sets.

Obviously, I can’t show too much of Halle and Dakota in ‘Tricking My Step-Sis’ though I am certain you can find it on many of your favorite kids-are-finally-asleep type websites. At least until the day North Korean threatens us if we don’t take down our porn. Or, as I like to call it, the day I rejoin the military. Enjoy.

Photo/Video Credit:

Sam Cooke and Courtnie Quinlan Throw Down the Chesty Gauntlet for the Battle of the Boobtastic



When four ta’s go to war. Well, actually totally wonderful things happen. If only all of the world’s problems could be solved with conflict limited to pitting perfect sets of funbags up against one another. Nobody gets hurt. Everybody gets happy peeks. The Battle of the Boobtastic remains my dream.

And speaking of dreams, what about the outrageously hot Sam Cooke throwing down the perfect teats against brunette succulent Courtnie Quinlan who has men throwing flowers in her path as she travels the streets of London. As so they both deserve. Though, today, here and now and in this place, only one of these two luscious lasses may go home the winner, the other, treated to a bath of humble. It’s up to you to decide. In your ten thousand hours of experience examining boobtastic, in your opinion, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sam Cooke vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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Photo credit: Page 3 Magazine

Kendal Lee Schuler Topless Brunette Christmas Present Wonderments from Down Under (Where It’s Summer)


Brunette hot Aussie model Kendal Lee Schuler just posed topless for the photography-party lifestyle magazine Life Without Andy from Down Under. She kind of just made my day. I know so many of you dream of video game consoles or home electronics or Williams-Sonoma kitchen cute equipment (what is wrong with you?) for Christmas. All your Uncle Bill wants for Christmas is his two front teats. Specifically, those delicious funbags on the sextastic likes of Kendal Lee Schuler.

I know I’ve been naughty this year, Santa. It’s kind of my job. But if you could see your way to skipping the lumps of coal this year and stuff Kendal Lee Schuler into my prophylactic stocking, I would be very much obliged. I’m not putting out milk and cookies ever years simply for gratis. Let’s deal. I want Kendal. Name your price, Kris Kringle. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Life Without Andy

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Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless and Dolphin Friendly in the Pool


Oh, I do love a good pool picture party around the beginning of winter to remind me how hotties are best served — warmly. While the vision of racktastic Sammy Braddy in a parka and snow boots is still plenty enough to rev my easily started engines. Just look at Sammy and the way makes both man and inflatable pool toys, well, inflate.

On Wednesdays we give thanks to the wonderful boobtastic and crazy hot women that makes this world spin around at just the precise RPM to keep us modestly grounded, but our thoughts still pie in the sky. Sammy certainly is a stellar slice of that pie. Huzzah!

Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy