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Girls of the ACC Topless? I’ll Take That and A Free Week of Playboy TV Thank You Kindly


The greatest debate in college football every year seems to be whether the ACC is underrated or overrated as a conference. Your answer pretty much depends on your fan loyalty in or out of the conference. But nary an ardent follower of the sport would deny the conference provides more than one of the top teams across the country each and every season. And, also, super hot Southern girls. You see them as cheerleaders, rooting in the stands with face paint and tight t-shirts, being admiring quarterback girlfriends, and now, thanks to our friends at Playboy, you get to see the girls of the ACC topless. This is where co-ed meets co-awesome.


Part of my secret ploy to get each and every single person in America to check out Playboy.TV online includes both southern ta-ta hospitality and an offer of one free week of Playboy.TV. I love to recommend stuff that people actually love. Unlike those late night informercial hosts lauding the latest variation of toaster over, I can earnestly say Playboy.TV and Playboy Plus are some of the finest premium hot girls content on the web, and the cost is super relatively inexpensive. In fact, today, it's free for a week so you can see for yourself. Be smart, like these hot topless Lit studies majors, and give it the old college try yourself. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Elle Richie Topless in the Meadow (And Just Maybe My New Virtual Girlfriend)


Somedays you just need one wicked hot young blonde woman taking off her clothes in the great outdoors to bring a smile to your all over. That sweetheart for me today is Elle Richie, just one glowing fine glamour model of the striptease in the meadow variety. I'm having flash backs to dreams I've had since before my bobos descended of seeing girls like Elle frolicking nekkid like woodland nymphs. She's not wearing a bow and arrow, but I can add that part in my mind given how epic her allure, not to mention her sweet perfect melons.

The middle of the week is as good a cause for celebration of ridiculously hot girls without their clothes on as any other. Surely, humpday comes as a natural course of events. And there's no better way to celebrate than with a naturally fine young lady tempting, teasing, preening, and posing for the singular purpose of brightening your day. Blessings to you, Elle Richie. Huzzah!

Holly Coleman Is One Naughty Hot Topless Schoolgirl (Oh, How This Still Works and Works)


I could spend another thousand years watching hot women dress, and more importantly, undress, out of naughty schoolgirl uniforms and never grow tired. Oh, sure, throw your taunts and psychological criticisms of why such a cosplay tantalizes many a man's soul, I care not. I am confident in my personal tingly feelings that tell me when something is working. And hottie Holly Coleman climbing out of her little red plaid skirt and top, well, that's super extra tingly.

On Tuesdays we celebrate the finest in funbags and faptastically romantic girls. Holly Coleman is the full ticket to a land of daytime dreams and nighttime noises you need to hide from the children, lest they know from whence they came. Principal Bill needs to see you in his office now, Holly. We're going old school on the discipline. So wrong, and yet so right. Enjoy.

Charlotte Springer Topless on One Lucky Balcony Floor


If you know the goodness that is Charlotte Springer you know darn well that her little top is coming off at some point to reveal her tremendous bodily assets beneath. Not that she isn't a stunning woman while clad, but like most stunning women, she becomes whatever that word is beyond stunning when she removes her top and her perfectly ripe beaches dangle toward my fantasyland.

Charlotte Spring is one of those ladies that makes me happy to have been born on this particular planet in this particular era. You won't get this kind of thrill from being a single-celled moss like organism on Neptune. Although I suppose happiness is all in the eye of the beholder with a heavy touch of relativity. Nevertheless, Charlotte's glorious springers bring my cosmic tingles of the finest order. Long may she wave, especially in that all fours position. Enjoy.

Alice Aufray Topless Photos Turn the Fashion Model Into Fashionably Boobtastic


Do you happen to like wicked hot young French fashion models with a flair for topless exhibition? Why, of course you do. That's like asking a kid in Fantasyland if he likes Space Mountain. Or a more troubled kid if he likes Captain Eo. I'd report that last 0ne. Alice Aufray who has graced the cover of many a Euro fashion magazine with her traditionally sextastic fashion model looks now removes her top just a perfect amount for this Mark Drew black and white photoshoot.

Everything is artistic in black and white. I could turn my hairy-bottomed inebriated selfies into cultural worthiness just by reducing them to monochrome. Which I will someday threaten to do if you're not nice. I pity the hackers who find those photos. But for a ridiculously steamy young model, black and white serves as the perfect artistic excuse for flashing funbags. Bless you black and white. How much goodness you do bring into this world. Enjoy.

Derryn Lester Topless Shoot for Treats


The ever beautiful Derryn Lester let it all hang out in this topless photoshoot for Treats magazine. She is on a beach and can't stand to wear her bathing suit anymore. So, she takes it off and shows the camera her lovely perky boobies. She's got those pert little ta-tas with the slightly upturned nips. I always find these kinds of knockers endearing, like I want to buy them some cake before I motorboat them. She's also got quite the firm looking derriere. I would very much like to give it a playful smack, but that's how people get sent to jail. Some of the photos are in black and white to show that they are classy. I frankly don't care what color they are in as long as the girl in the pics is as hot as Derryn.

This is a good way to end the day, wouldn't you say?

Jodie Gasson Red Light Special Topless Striptease


British hottie Jodie Gasson shook her stuff in a topless striptease photoshoot. She started out wearing a see-through mesh top, giving you a preview of her extraordinary funbags. Then she took it off, (it is a striptease themed shoot after all), and there they were, her lovely giant naturals. At least, I think their natural. It doesn't really matter, they are great. Jodie is curvy, which I really like. My grandfather always told me that you can't trust a woman who is too skinny and doesn't have boobs or butt. These are words I live by. Jodie also has a fantastic booty to go with her jugs. If Jodie really was stripping at the local boob emporium I would spend my entire paycheck getting lap dances and hoping to motorboat those luscious ta-tas.

In the meantime, we have these pictures to indulge our Jodie related fantasies.