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Natasha Legeyda Topless Blonde Exotic Perfection for Yume

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Hello hot Russian Italian model sensation Natasha Legeyda. What are you doing here all kinds of topless and mostly nekkid rolling around your living room floor? Yeah? Me too. No, you show me first.

I’m a sucker for foreign blondes with crazy hot bodies, a few righteously placed tattoos, sucking sensually on their fingers. In fact, any part of that works for me, mix it all together and you have Natasha’s stellar pictorial for Yume Magazine. I’m prepared to move overseas to be with this woman. Or maybe we could just meet halfway in an airport Howard Johnson’s and express our feelings for one another over fried clams and cheap booze. Natasha, you stir passions within me I haven’t felt in almost twenty minutes. I hope that means something to you. I also hope we can hang out on that couch and that you don’t feel a need to get dressed. Just such wonderful thoughts. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cristian Ingrosso For Yume Magazine

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Veteran Belgian Film Star Marie Gillain Poses Topless For Lui Magazine

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Just shy of her 40th birthday, Belgian actress Marie Gillain figured, what the heck, I’m hot and fit and lovely, why don’t I pose topless for Lui magazine. I just so love when veteran hot women think like that. It’s certainly the right decision.

Marie Gillain has been in a ton of French language films you’ve perhaps never seen because you don’t speak French or watch French films. Or maybe just because it was late and on a channel you weren’t supposed to be on and you’d rather not talk about it. Either way is fine. Take in the luscious spectacle that is Marie Gillain and become a brand new fan. I assume she’d want that. This is kind of monumental. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Jestina Lam Topless Busty Asian Lingerie Hotness (That’s All the Good Things)

Jestina Lam Topless In Lacy Lingerie For Volo Magazine
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You know that Volo magazine was only my favorite new sextastic hot ladies magazine of last year. How many thrills did they bring us of the visually naughty variety? The answer is many. Now the good and decent photo snapping folks at Volo are into 2015 and showing off the bare necessities of alluring Asian model Jestina Lam. Just your super fine sweetheart in white lingerie, then not white lingerie. Oh, those faptastic funbags. If this is my last breath, I take it gladly.

There are so many shapes and sizes and colors of incredibly passion inducing women in this world. That makes me so happy, but also reminds me that my work is never done. I’m kind of like a superhero, except rather lazy and my only known unnatural powers involve pretzels and this weird thing I can do with my right eye at parties. Nevertheless, it is my pleasure to bring beautiful bits of lovely like Jestina Lam to you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Volo Magazine

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Ali Michael Great Outdoors Topless For Chadwick Tyler

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Photo Credit: Chadwick Tyler

Clara Rosager And Corrie Lejuwaan Topless Houseboating, All the Kids Are Doing It

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Your first question might be, why are these two lovely models taking off their bikini tops on a houseboat. But I will not give you an answer. I will only stare at you knowingly trying to convey to you how if you question this bit of faptastic, it might just go away. I’m superstitious like that. Extremely so. I will kick you in the bobos as needed to maintain the sanctity of Clara Rosager and Corrie Lejuwaan in this sextacular pictorial for C-Heads magazine.

Nature has yet to invent any visual more inspiring than two hot young girls frolicking topless under the sun. That recent NASA picture of the universe kind of comes close, but clearly second best. Nay, it’s the innocence of youth merged with the prurient opposite of innocence of the gentleman ogler that makes this the material world’s finest hour. Houseboat on girls, just pretend we’re not even here and we’re still wearing pants. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cameron Hammond For C-Heads

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Alyssia McGoogan Topless Tight Booty Hiking Perfection

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I love it when a pair of sweet booty cheeks come together for fine female form bits of wonderments. Case in point, stellar alluring model Alyssia McGoogan and her stellar Scottish descended lady bits teamed up with famed sextastic girl photographer Attlio D’Agostino for one epic bit of lust inducement in P magazine. If the P stood for pound this bit of visuals into your libido forever and ever, I’d not be shocked. Though I’m likely wrong.

Whenever I meet a new crazy hot face and body so effortlessly creating happy feelings up and down my nervous system, I’m reminded once more that the sextastic is not a fixed pie, it’s an ever-growing domain of sheer happy feelings. Alyssia McGoogan, welcome to Egotastic!. Linger awhile, we’re making chili for the Super Bowl. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine

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YouTube Sensation Karen Alloy Topless Bodacious Sextastic in Radiant Black and White

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Scoff all you want at YouTube celebrities, you old fogies, but it’s the new thing for a while now. We used to have TV stars, now we have YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook stars. And if you don’t think advertisers and marketers are going where the millennials are, you are not reading old copies of AdWeek on your fifth leg of a Southwest flight to Kansas City like I am. It’s already done happened. Busty young hot YouTube stars like Karen Alloy have 250,000 subscribers and they’re not looking back. Though, thankfully, they are looking topless.

Barbara Eden couldn’t show her belly button when she became a TV star in the 60′s. Welcome to media stars of the 10′s. Sweet comedic sensation Karen Alloy has taken off her top to show the digital world she’s more than just a goofy YouTube funny girl. She’s a YouTube funny girl you’d ditch the entirety of your wealth and lifelong buddies just to be with for five minutes in the broom closet playing find my tickle spot. It’s a black and white shoot by Jordan Volness, so we’re all good with our artistic accreditations. Go forth and ogle. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jordan Volness