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Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Strips Down And Emilia Clarke Nipple Peek In Game Of Thrones Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Emilia Clarke has pretty much declared she will no longer be sharing her fine nekkid body on Game of Thrones after a couple thrilling performances of the skin in earlier seasons. But that doesn’t mean the cameras might not catch a quick peek here and there of her sweet Queen nipples when blankets simply aren’t pulled up properly for discretion. It isn’t much, but it’s something for the Mother of Dragon’s fine teats.

Quite more visible and plump were the glorious udders of Rosabell Laurenti Sellers who flashed her funbags through the prison bars for the love all things sultry and ripe. Another epic topless moment in the Game of Thrones run. Joining these two lovelies was Tatiana Maslany who jumped about in panties and a bra in Orphan Black. No telling if Tatiana will ever return to bare boobtastic as she was in earlier episodes as well, but when a girl is bouncing on a bed in her underwear, there is always hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Game Of Thrones” HBO/”Black Orphan” BBC America

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Anna Eberstein Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction Upskirt At French Tennis Open

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Well, there is daring and then there is daring deserving of an Egotastic! type award. Hugh Grant’s loveliest of Swedish TV lady friend’s Anna Eberstein flashes her lady nest at the French Tennis Open when she combo’ed up a shorter white tennis dress and no panties for a visit to center court. Now, being a veteran of celebrity paparazzi circles, Anna had to know all lenses would be on Hugh and herself in the celebrity boxes at the match, but apparently Anna simply loves the cool breeze of the clay courts up and under her skirts, or perhaps she just is a super fan of Basic Instinct. Either way, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a beautiful modern lady who isn’t afraid to leave a little frizz down in the biz.

It takes all kinds of sextastic women to make this world go ’round. But the boldest of beautiful ladies who wear short skirts and no panties to seated public events really are my favorite. They make this globe spin just a little faster. Bless you, Anna, and your special places you’re sharing with us today. Game, set, snatch! Sorry, I just had to. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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Happy Memorial Day from PlayboyTV With a Special Holiday Weekend Offer (And A Special Iana Little Nekkid as a Kicker!)

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Our good friends at PlayboyPlus, purveyors of all things bunny hot and nekkid online, have put together a special offer for the Memorial Day holiday they’d like to hook you up with and I’d like to hook you up with because I really do delight in my own subscription service. It’s a tad bit better than anything on CNN or TLC, though I can’t say how I feel about it compared to my NFL package as a man should never be forced to decide between hot topless women and football. God is not that cruel.

For the Memorial Day weekend, Playboy.TV is now free for one week to test out, try out, and all around swim into the sextastic because you deserve a treat today and why not make that treat come in the form of thousands of beautiful unclothed women doing fun time things with other lovely ladies and often beach balls or other sporting goods. It really is a thing.

While you’re deciding whether or not FREE is a good value, check out the lovely brunette Playboy sweetheart Iana Little, tempting you into the good kind of temptation with her ridiculously hot body quickly unveiled. To repeat, if you love the world’s most alluring women without their clothes on, do try this Free Trial Offer of Playboy.TV. If you like Wolf Blitzer droning on and on, stick with CNN. Enjoy your weekend!

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Queen Latifah Topless In Bessie, Taylor Schilling and Paz De La Huerta Topless On BluRay In the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Well, the controversial moment is upon us and our friends at Mr. Skin have handled it with great aplomb as usual. Queen Latifah’s topless lesbionic performance as stage and singing 1920′s star Bessie Smith is out on HBO and while we didn’t cover it here directly, the linear nude on screen thinkers at Mr. Skin said, celebrity in a movie topless? Check. Here you go. So here you go.

Joining the Queen in this week’s roundup is Taylor Schilling and her crew of prison inmates baring topless cell blocks in Orange is the New Black Season 2 on Blu-Ray and Paz de la Huerta and Gretchen Mol and a cast of thousands topless in the complete series of Boardwalk Empire now also out on the HD home video circuit. You could check them all out or you could watch your lawn grow another half centimeter. Decisions decisions. I lean funbags.

And for Memorial Weekend be sure to hook yourself or your closest buddy up with an Ego-discounted membership to Mr. Skin. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, but you know, in the good tingly kind of way, not bad tingles. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute


READER FINDS: Tove Lo Bares Her Funbag, Shanina Shaik Nip Slip, Rachel Mortenson Cleavtastic, and Much Much More…

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Hey, kids, what time is it? Only Uncle Bill’s favorite time of the week. When I don my hypoallergenic latex gloves and extra from our velveteen satchel the tidings of this past week, transmitted by you to me for you. You may sigh when seeing monkeys raising abandoned kittens on the Internet, I sigh at the benevolent gesture of nature’s human denizen sharing wonderments of the world’s most beautiful women, past and present, in various state of undress. To each their own. Though I suppose you could revel in both, I’d just keep the monkey cat thing quiet.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Shanina Shaik slipping nip in GQ Italy (thank you kindly EgoReader ‘Detente’), Cailin Russo topless and bare bottom goodness in just a towel (niceties provided by ‘Ben A.’), Cecelia Rodriguez topless sultry in calendar form (muchas gracias para Cecelia goes out to ‘Raymond’), Genevieve Picot in topless Euro skinematics (kudos to ‘Aria’), Imogen Poots underrated blonde hotness in Elle Belgium (wondrous find by ‘Devon’), Kate Mara intoxicatingly cleavetastic for Glamour (love me some Kate M., thanks ‘Robert L.’), Marjorie Levesque wicked hot and quite nearly topless (tossed into the octagon by ‘Stevie’), Nathalie Emmanuelle booty show on the small screen (oh, cheeks of heaven via ‘Dezzy’), thespianic Nicole Fox baring boobtastic for the sake of the script (Fox’s peaches courtesy of ‘Elena W.’), Rachel Mortenenson sideboob and cleavetastc hotness (Rachel is super fine, and ‘Yorell’ is super kind for sharing), odd but brave Tilda Swinton topless skinematics (thank you much muchly to ‘Aaron’), Toni Collette also dramatically topless (boobs of a feather, via ‘David R.’), Indonesian-American model Charlotte Carey topless and Katrina Elizabeth tennis tubes bared and Sophie Marceau nipple-licious peek (provided forthright by ‘David M.’), underrated hottie Madeleine Stowe topless in a classic (loved me some Maddy, thanks ‘Pinto’), Rachel Korine topless direction from her filmmaking husband (adored me those Springbreakers, kudos to ‘Anthony’), pop star Tove Lo flashing her bare breast in support of the nipple at Rock ‘N Rio in Vegas (much thanks to a ton of you who saw this blessed boob), and last, but not least, 80′s sextastic icon Bo Derek flashing her Funions in one of her memorably faptastic film roles (well done, ‘Terry T.’). It’s a lot, but a lot is so much better than a little in the world of never enough. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Topless Striptease in Her Boudoir (This One Is Killer!)

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Wow and shiver me happy timbers. Not super shy but always faptastic Frenchie Camille Rowe strips out of her light wardrobe down to her perfectly sextastic topless body in this Pamela Hanson photoshoot that left me immediately catatonic with joy. Camille Rowe just happens to be one of my favorite hottie celebrities and Victoria’s Secret model now and while we’ve seen her in various states of undress before, this boudoir masterpiece is, well, masterful.

Camille Rowe came into our lives a few years ago in more artsy kind of ways. But now she and her ridiculously hot body have gone on to more directly cockle warming fare, including her lingerie model work and this stellar striptease bit. I could live in her delicious funbags for seven seasons without every growing tired or failing to pay rent on time. I’m a good tenant. Just expect lots of baths. Oh, my, how hot is Camille Rowe? This is happy times to the nth degree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pamela Hanson

Lucy Collett, Lacey Banghard, Rosie Jones, Rhian Sugden, Lissy Cunningham And Kelly Hall Topless in the Page 3 Roundup

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Oh, my lovely Britty birds with the heaving bosoms of Olympus. The kind of work you blondes and brunettes and ginger topped sweethearts perform each week on behalf of funbag unfurling should never be taken for granted. I don’t take you for granted, girls. There are so many other places I would prefer to take you.

Lucy Collett and Rhian Sugden and Kelly Hall and others of the sweet bare melon crew found their way this week onto the pages of the revealing Sun tabloid and into the hearts of millions. I could be very happy stranded on a desert island with just these six sextastic sirens. Food, clothing, and shelter entirely optional. I wouldn’t make it past one night. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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