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An American Girl Topless In Paris Taking a Bath, But Why? Well, Why Not?

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Thanks to EgoReader ‘Baron’ for forwarding this lovely lass who is known only as the American in Paris in this month’s Purple magazine. I don’t know why I wanted to share this with you. My love of the very un-ugly American tourist, my lust for all things hot and topless women with beautiful puffy headlights in bubbles, or just the fact that I’m starting to cycle with the girls in my office. That last part isn’t true, but it certainly feels like it.

I’m kind of a man in lust which is the same as a man without much common reasoning skills. This naturally gifted girl in tub has me conjuring up so many fantasies of coming home to find one beautifully nekkid young woman soaking. I should probably clean my tub first. Also, better hide those nanny cams in the guest bathroom. It’s for your safety, my dear, trust me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alex Brunet For Purple Diary

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Shane Seng Topless Funbag Perfection For Treats!

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Sometimes I see a new face, a mesmerizing body, and one alluring photoshoot and all I can think is I can’t wait to share her with all of you. Her pictures obviously. The real Shane Seng, oh, man, I’d tell you I was working late and couldn’t make our Outback meetup. This lovely blonde lady is more than busting the stellar hot thermometer in this topless bit of visual wonderment for Treats magazine. Wowzer.

Sure, I don’t have the time to show you every single beautiful topless model to ever take her clothes off for a major periodical, but how I promise to try. Not everybody is an A-list celebrity just yet. But if the A-list were written, as it should be, on the level of how many tingles a passion inducing woman produces, Shane Seng would be on my first page. It’s a long book, so this is kind of big. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Amanda Pratt For Treats! Magazine


Kassidi Is Back And Au Natural Topless In Nature

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Good friend of Egotastic!, hot model photographer Jacob Hefner wrote and said he happened to have never before published photos of wicked hot model Kassidi who we featured in a Treats spread back in January and wanted to know if we wanted to share them with our audience. Um, I assume that’s rhetorical, Jacob. Oh, yes, we indeedy do.

Kassidi is one of the fine specimens of the sextastic that merges au natural allure with just one perfectly fashioned female forms to create the girl next door you’ve been dreaming about since she accidentally left her shades up when changing. Let’s just assume she’s in college in that scenario and an art studies major and has adorable panties. That kind of girl next door. Oh, to live next door to Kassidi and discover she doesn’t like wearing clothes too much when coming over to ask for sugar. Now I’m just losing my mind. Help me hottie making Jesus. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jacob Hefner

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Gia Genevieve Sultry Topless Perfection in Playboy

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I kind of became enamored of the photoshoot we shared last week of beautiful bombshell Gia Genevieve baring skin, so I just had to ask the good folks at PlayboyPlus if we could take a peek at her cover shoot photo for the magazine. Because, you know, we like a girls. A lot. They obliged and the results are rather faptastic. Wow, those funbags need to be cast in bronze for eternity, or just my grabby hands for five minutes, whichever seems more suitable. Just simply perfect. Quite the memorable shoot.

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I have Facebook so I know how many people find visual splendor in waterfalls and strange vacation homes and miniature donkeys, but for me, the most stunning life changing and mind altering images remain that of crazy hot nekkid women put on this planet by super intelligent friendly aliens in order to see us smile. I think that’s how it happens. Thank you, friendly aliens. This one is absolutely phenomenal. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Jodie Gasson Topless Striptease in Brilliant Yellow

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Jodie Gasson boobtastic just makes me smile. She seems so pleased with her plump pair that I become pleased right along with her. They’re hardly a burden, they’re her garden of goodness, the signpost on the door way to her exhibition of the fine female form, all wrapped, and then beautifully unwrapped in one striking yellow bikini top you just know can’t contain them. Funbags are a blessing, not just for the bearer, but for the world. That sounds like hyperbole, but someday you’ll see that it’s an understatement.

I’ve lusted the full bodied curves of Jodie Gasson since first I laid peeps about her teats of specialness. Those round mounts of visual wonderments attached to the loveliest of lasses who provides good feelings to millions and asks nothing in return save for perhaps a polite, thank you, ma’am. These are the deals that enrich are lives and make us thankful for the gift of vision. As for the gift of touch, you might just need to present that to yourself today. Please do remember to lay down the plastic sheeting. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jodie Gasson

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Sasha Alexander Topless and Alexandra Park Red Undies in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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The Boob Tube Roundup worthy content a tad bit light on cable this week as it is Easter or Spring Break or Passover or perhaps the Wiccan Day of the Pines. But, Shameless, like the true hero it is, came through with a number of wicked hot topless scenes including extensive views of Sasha Alexander topless and making the sexy, Shanola Hampton topless on a pool table, and Emily Bergl have gator clamps electrocute her funbags. What? That’s just not right.

I also had to add an ode to Alexandra Park and her slender hotness body in The Royals this past week. I won’t actually watch any show on E! for fear my bobos will decide to high tail it off my body for good, but Alexandra’s female form in red panties and bra definitely deserved some kind of shout out. Game of Thrones coming soon, my friends! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Shameless” Showtime/”The Royals” E!

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Photographer Terry Osterhout Releases ‘I Love Liz La Point: 5 Years Of Art And Love’

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There’s something admirable about a man who adores his wife. There’s something even more admirable about a man who takes nekkid pictures of his wife to express his adoration and then shares them with the world. As with long time Egotastic! Reader and fine female photographer Terry Osterhout who has compiled his past five year’s of photos of his beloved muse and life partner Liz La Point in a compendium color gloss book. Yeah, you better believe that’s better than buying your wife flowers from the guy at the freeway offramp on the way home for your anniversary.

I am now the grateful owner of a copy of ‘I Love Liz La Point: 5 Years of Art and Love’ here in the Egotastic! hideout. I’d urge you to consider the same, a sampling of which is here in the attached gallery. Enjoy.

For information on model Liz and the book, check out the Liz La Point official website.

Photo Credit: Terry Osterhout