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Stefanie Knight Strips Out Her Pink Bikini, You Really Should Watch

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Let’s no be silly and call this a wardrobe malfunction. I’m quite certain that Stefanie Knight and or one lucky SOB production assistant untied her bikini top during the course of this water pimping shoot out in Malibu. Not exactly like Neptune conjured up a wave capable of removing her bikini top while keeping her body entirely dry. Though, if you had supernatural powers, that would be one to consider.

No, Stefanie Knight was kind enough to remove her pink bikini and bare her sweet hot funbags for the world to see. At least the world that visits here regularly because you have above average intelligence and the sex drive of a normal healthy human type person. And quite a pair indeed. I’m not saying people buy more water from topless women than non topless women, I’m just saying I totally would. Honestly, who’s going to say no to Stefanie’s sweet melons? Nobody I call friend. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Alexandra Daddario Utterly Hot Udders and Game of Thrones Bodacious Boobtastic Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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I do believe Mr. Skin had some sort of spiritual awakening when Alexandra Daddario removed her top in True Detective and joined the pantheon of all time funbag greats through the entire lore of Hollywood. It was quite a moment for many of us busty buxom hottie oglers. Alexandra Daddario is featured once again this week in the Mr. Skin Minute, though sadly she does not remove her top in the PG-rated San Andreas, just a lot of running away from earthquakes and bouncing. Delightful.

Joining Alexandra this week in the MSM is the deliciously topless Paula Malcolmsen and Vinessa Shaw in the second season of Ray Donovan now out on Blu-Ray and another look at the epic funbag reveal of teen starlet Rosabell Laurenti Sellers peeling back her top on Game of Thrones. A more memorable moment there has rarely been in the world of boob tube reveals. Enjoy.

And, naturally, don’t kid yourself and think you can live without your own Ego discounted Mr. Skin membership. You can’t, not fully at least. Get one now before they run out. Just good times online.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute

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READER FINDS: Miranda Kerr Topless, Joey Fisher Topless, Kylie Minogue Topless, All Double Wows, And Much Much More…

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Indeed, we have reached that beloved day of the week when we ring the bells, bang the gongs, and turn on the AC/DC theme music for the opening of the weekly Reader Finds email bag. It’s hard to imagine there once was a time when such goodies were delivered by Mr. Shankantovich, the guy who pretended to be a member of the U.S. post office for years until we realized he was just stealing our mail and re-delivering it to us and asking for tips. Silly man. He made a bundle.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the blessedly hot and much missed Brooklyn Decker and her stellar bikini body (thanks to EgoReader ‘Genuine’), Miranda Kerr nekkid classic modeling in black and white (rich funbag classics from ‘Rich R.’), Camilla Luddington bikini candid (much two piece goodness from ‘Billy’), Cindy Morgan and her classic perfect ta’s from Caddyshack (a throwback delight via ‘Epison’), pierced model Daisy Hoffstetter and her sweet boobtastic, Eniko Mihalik mind numbing mammaries, and Michelle Rodriguez see-through on the red carpet (contributing prodigiously by ‘David M.’), underrated 80′s sweetie Darlanne Fluegel skinematics (put forth by ‘Peter O.’), Daryl Hannah another righteous 80′s screen cockle warmer and Diane Franklin rich ripe peaches to boot (double kindly contributed by ‘Stephen W.’), Joey Fisher topless lapdancing in Anarchy Parlor (munchables from heaven via ‘Scott’), Kendall Jenner bikini crotchety frames from vine vid (caught eagle eyed by ‘Coolio’), and sister Kylie Jenner hint o’ nipple piercing (scouted expertly by ‘Eli’ and ‘Matthew’), Kylie Minogue topless in classic skinematics (oh, my Kylie melons, kudos to ‘Evan A.’), Linda Blair topless goodies as well (throwdown of the perfect classic film ta-ta’s by ‘Devon’), which leads to Melanie Griffith and her sweet reveals (dazzling, just dazzling duets via ‘Jiminy’), Noomi Rapace and Lena Endre lesbionic topless romantics (sweet girl girl ta-ta wonderments provided by ‘Renee’), Sophie Marceau and her perfect French twins (oh, this is quite a sight, thanks ‘Anton’), and last but not least, another day, another concert by Tove Lo flashing her Nordic boobtastic for peace and freedom (submitted thoughtfully by a number of Egotastic! readers). I dare you to work your way through here and not fall deeply and madly in lust. I double dare you. Enjoy.

Constance Nunes Teases In Underwear While Her Hot Model Friends Strip Down For Fuse Magazine

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Constance Nunes is quite the featured sultry dish in her cotton undies. But you start adding in shots of her sultry model friends flashing their funbags and suddenly you have a Fuse magazine pictorial worthy of locking all the doors in your abode, pulling down the shades, and finding that old Hootie and Blowfish CD and cranking up the cover music. Hold my hand indeed.

Women like Constance Nunes give me the energy each morning to awake and check my front door in the hopes that Constance Nunes has a flight tire and is knocking at my door for assistance. Not sure where those tacks in the street came from. Naturally, I’m in the assistance of hot ladies business, even though I have no idea how to change a tire. What, AAA? There’s a five hour wait. Alas, come in Constance and make yourself comfortable. It could be a long afternoon. I’ll get us matching robes and margaritas. No, that’s not Hootie and the Blowfish coming from my room. Who wants a refill? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ben Ray, Daniel Chase, Ivan Ramirez And Ryan Calderon In Fuse Magazine

Italian Beauty Queen Martina Ramundo Topless

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I always felt I would do well in beauty pageants. I don’t mean as a contestant, I mean as one of those lurid suggestive judges that questioned the girls in my dressing room as to how I was expected to remember them among their equally talented and hot peers when it came time for judging. Not just anybody can recite those lines with a serious face.

Italian pageant beauty Martina Ramundo followed up her 2014 Italian beauty pageant medals with this fabulous bit of topless dream girl state photographs. Oh, sure, it’s all kinds of Euro in its askance aloof glances and shade of melancholia, but if you can move past the pointless emotions, you’ll feel the primordial tingle of feasting your peeps upon the bare funbags of one passion inducing girl from The Boot. Always look for the simplest answer, and the simplest ogles. That’s Bill’s Razor. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fabio Pregnolato La Voce Dell’Eros

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Amanda Seyfried Topless Live in Grainy Theater Performance Of ‘The Way We Get By’

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I must admit I’ve turned my nose up at theater, or is that down at theater, fearing that it’s too highfalutin for my simple taste in the performance arts. But then nobody told me you could buy a ticket to a Broadway show and see Amanda Seyfried topless. Talk about burying the lead.

Amanda and that guy from The Newsroom play a particular scene in the legit The Way We Get By, which I’m going to assume without looking is about a troubled relationship, the source of 98.3% of all stage players not involving Spiderman. Some good Samaritan managed to not heed the pleading of the actors to turn off all their cellphones and captured the moment of epic beauty when Amanda pulled her tshirt over her head and gave the audience a solid glimpse at her perfect Nordic knockers. To the theater, I say! All the world’s a stage and we are merely oglers. What a lovely day indeed. Enjoy.

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Klaudia Brahja Topless With Chains, It’s a Thing Alright

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Consider me beyond fascinated by this portrait of Klaudia Brahja by photographer of epically hot women, David Bellemere. I’m not sure if it’s the chains in combination with the ridiculously hot body of the model who happens to be wearing not much of anything by the way of clothes, but this entire visual bit of wonderment has me spinning in libidinal circles. This must be what love feels like. I’ve only ever felt it before with a puppy, and ten thousand crazy hot women.

I’m not suggesting alluring women in chains is some kind of submissive messaging. I’d gladly take the chains and allow Klaudia and any of her cute model friends to use me as they see fit until I learn some lesson I will forever pretend to not learn. It’s really just the girl. The hot sextastic girl. I need to buy some flowers or an e-card or something. Love does certainly lift the spirits. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: David Bellmere

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