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Diana Georgie Topless Brunette Vixen Like Hotness


What do I love? Well, baseball, apple pie, and mom's home cooking. Assuming mom is cooking up hot Russian transplanted to American hotties topless like the brunette vixen Diana Georgie. Featured in this Alessandro Casagrande modeling shoot, the boobtastic sweetheart shows why her name ought start to be chiseled into your libido directory because she is certainly going places, I mean professionally, not just whatever activity you have her scheduled for in your private time fantasies.

I love meeting new women, especially so when they're all topless and alluring. It really does make for the best introductions. Diana Georgie, I'd like to think we can be great friends I mean, first, before our ultimate brief, but highly passionate physical affair involving the sound of circus horns and exotic lubrications snuck into this country. Let our lust be the talk of romantic poets for generations to come, or, in the least, dirty limerick writers. Enjoy.

Shay Laren Topless Swimsuit Stylings Heat Up an Already Sweltering Ta-Ta Tuesday


It's somewhat prickish to complain about the weather in Los Angeles given that's 90% of the best part about this place. It's like complaining about spending money at the strip club. You did get something for it. Nevertheless, I do believe it's going to be 150-degrees today here, though it's a dry heat so it's still more comfortable than a Chicago 78 this time of year. The best remedy for the heat is the old fashioned shvitz. A good solid dripping sweat to let the body cool off the way nature intended. By being wet and stinky.

Might I suggest an intense look at super glamourous Shay Laren stripping out of her swimsuit for just such an occasion. You don't even need a sweat tent. Just peer at her ridiculously hot body and bosomy blessed bare boobtastic on this Ta-Ta Tuesday and feel your pores opening up. Yes, those are your pores. Sweat yourself back to a 98.6, preferably with the doors closed, just in case you experience any unintended leeking. Shay Laren has that affect on men as well. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out for a plethora of wicked hot Shay Laren visuals.)

Miss Butt Portugal Marianne Ranieri Topless Thumper Time in Miami


Look, they don't just hand out the Miss Butt Portugal title to just anyone off the streets with a half-decent booty. First of all, well, you have to be from Portugal. Second, in the fine tradition of the Brazilian series of ass-accolades with the same moniker, you need to have a pretty damn sweet bottomside. Like Marianne Ranieri who decided to celebrate her title by vacationing in Miami without her bikini top on. Now that's a true pageant queen if you ask me.

Marianne naturally as on a killer boat in Miami letting some lucky bastard squeeze her award winning cheeks while flashing her ta-ta tan lines and her sweet funbags for the sun to gave upon. You probably won't see the same kind of visual wonderment from our own Miss America. We have standards, that are silly. Miss Butt Portugal, you do your people proud. Enjoy.

Michelle LaGonrod Sizzles Topless in Black Lingerie and Pure Unadulterated Lust


If you happen to like wicked hot Venezuelan models who've moved to Mexico to seek fame and fortune and magazines the splendidly focus on hot nekkid Latinas, then you're going to be heels over head for Michelle LaGonrod and her silky stocking covered body of delights.

Michelle is featured in this month's H Para Hombres magazine, showing off various passion inducing poses and a body so hot, you can fry an egg on it from 500 feet away. Seeing Michelle like this only reminds me I need to expedite my Spanish language classes, most especially the one where I train in the use of naughty idioms. There are so many things I'd love to do with Michelle in Spanish. Oh, dios mio. I am in lust! Enjoy.

Lizzy Caplan Topless, Gretchen Mol Topless, Rachel Korine Topless, It’s the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


The best boobtastic of today's celebrity, outside of hacked Clouds, exists on the small screen as the big screen leans ever more toward child robot fare. Not that there's anything wrong with child robot fare, it is my standard date film. But grown up movies for grown ups with grown up body parts are becoming ever more extinct. Meanwhile, on the small screen, funbags are thriving.

This week's Boob Tube Roundup includes a long look at Lizzy Caplan topless once more in Masters of Sex. What a dame as they used to say in the 50's, I think. Also making a chesty appearance, Gretchen Mol in the final season of Boardwalk Empire, something we haven't seen from her since the earlier seasons of the show. And, lastly, Rachel Korine flashes her gingerly teats in The Knick, continuing its first season run to much sextastic acclaim. Three fine ladies, six honking honkers. It's the Boob Tube Roundup. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Topless Luscious Treats and Bum Peeks in Third Person


I think this film was in the can for a while before making a festival run last year then ultimately being released this summer to a very minimal audience. In short, while indie film Third Person got raked over the coals by critics, nobody really stopped to say, hey, wait, Olivia Wilde is topless in this movie. That's why you have us here. It's out job to remember this actually happened and share it with you.

This is clearly the sextastic Olivia Wilde pre-baby, not that she won't once again soon have a spectacular body with her blessed genes and no doubt strict workout regimen. But to see one of the most often overlooking super hotties of Hollywood with her perky pair out there for perfect ogling, well, who cares what the critics say, I call this a tour de force performance. I'm forcing a performance as we speak. That's rude, but, Olivia Wilde funbags! Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags: Yayoi Houjou Topless with The Bandage Motif, It’s Okay, She’s More Than Alright


You know I understand art and themes and symbolism about as well as the squirrel out on your lawn decided if a bottle cap is a nut or not, so when I see wicked alluring Japanese glamour model Yayoi Houjou nekkid save for some bandages and some makeup of marks on her body, I have zero idea what the heck that is supposed to mean. Rather, like the caveman that once bore me, I lay back and just stare wantonly at her ridiculously passion inducing body, including a much obliging patch of fur not oft-seen in these days of shorn clean lady nests. I for one call this a triumph.

Each Friday we top off the week by celebrating the most moving and transformative works of art in the sextastic collection. Yayoi Houjou may not be a household name in this country, but that's okay, you can just whisper her name softly while you watch her remove her bandages. There is no wrong way to ogle a crazy hot nekkid woman. Thank God It's Funbags!