In Bryan Singer’s New ‘X-Men’ Set Tweet Picture You Can See Hugh Jackman Standing There

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bill-swift - July 9, 2013

Bryan Singer has been tweeting the crap out of sets and people during his X-Men: Days of Future Past shooting. Like, hard core.

But, also not, like, hard core and more like your normal non-Hollywood friends, however, some of those tweets have just been plain dumb. Look we were all stoked and whatnot when he sent out those Jennifer Lawrence kinda nekkid as Mystique photos. That was nice. We're even more than not-stoked to actually eventually see the finished product.

But, seriously? Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Nicholas Hoult's young Beast...just standing there? Yeah, that's about it. There's nothing that advances our knowledge of the plot, nothing that shows JLaw without her clothes on...nothing.

Mr. Singer can you please start tweeting some stuff we care about? Even your craft-services dinner would preferable to wide-shots of crew fanny packs surrounding the film's heroes. Many thanks.