Imogen Thomas Walks the Walk With Ridiculously Hot Bodied Sex Talk

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bill-swift - May 10, 2012

If you're interested in to hear what sextastic British super glam model and all around highly active WAG Imogen Thomas has to say about sex, then check out this month's edition of Nuts magazine. She does have some interesting tidbits on where and when to stick your bits, so it's a good education.

However, you can also educate yourself as to carnal knowledge with the simple, yet highly memorable experience of viewing Imogen in her ridiculously hot photoshoot for the magazine, wherein she proves that ridiculously hot doesn't need to talk to be ridiculously hot. And some of these photos are worth far more than just a thousand words, they're worth a thousand drops of drool at the sight of her smoking hot, curvy, hands on juggulars body shots. Just wicked and amazing and all the sex talk I need. Enjoy.