I Don’t Know Who Big Ang Is, But I Bet I Know How She Got Her Nickname

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bill-swift - April 25, 2013

I really don't have time to watch a ton of reality TV. I mean, I do have time to whittle, watch the paint dry on my neighbor's house (they take better care of their place than I do), and arrange all the socks in my drawer by national origin of yarn production. But not much time for the crap on TV. Including Mob Wives. So I guess I missed Big Ang the first time around.

Big Ang is the Staten Island bar owner who had ginormous tubes. I'm sure she has other qualities to, but for the purpose of pleasing EgoReader 'Stan' who rhyming wise happens to be a big fan, we had to share pictures of Big Ang flashing her unwieldy cans on South Beach. I'm pretty sure a half-dozen sea going birds tried to nest in her cleavage. Three were successful. She'll probably find them next Fall when they start molting. Enjoy.