Alessandra Ambrosio Saving the Oceans!

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Echo Lawrence - June 9, 2020

Alessandra Ambrosio paid homage to the worlds oceans by posting a heartfelt message to her Instagram on International Oceans Day. The Victoria’s Secret model is spending her quarantine in her home country of Brail, which makes it pretty easy for her to spend time in the ocean. She put on a pair of flippers and goggles and went for a swim in the crystal blue waters, posting a video of the dolphins swimming along with her. She also took this time to promote a brand that is using recycled ocean plastic to create jewellery.

Today on #worldoceansday we have an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits humankind derives from the ocean and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably.
Our blue planet needs our protection - climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution mean that our oceans are under threat.

Today is about celebrating the diversity of marine life we have. After all, there is so much left to fight for and we need to make sure that future generations get to experience the beauty of the oceans that we grew up with.

This Oceans Day why not make a pledge to go plastic free, choose only locally sourced sustainably caught fish or join a beach clean?
Also you can help support by getting your Goal 14: Life Below Water @togetherbandofficial made from ocean plastic with funds from the sale going towards supporting vital @wwf projects to protect our oceans and coastlines or by learning more about innovations for sustainable ocean at @unworldoceansday