How Is Nastya Nass’s Extreme Twerking Ass Even Humanly Possible?

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earl-jonas - September 12, 2019


Nastya Nass is one of our very very very favorite Instagram stars, and her almost 5 million lucky followers are treated to countless jaw-dropping twerking videos that will make you say: What is anatomy? What is human? What is life? Are you there God? It's me, Margarine. Or whatever. I had some drinks last night.

Anyway when Nass gets in the groove, the professional fitness model's epic butt seems to dislocate completely from her body. For example in this new vid the Angel of A$$ twerks her herself to within an inch of her life:


And then she looks death in the eyes and twerks some MOAR:


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If you don’t have friends like this...😍🤪😍 #twerkwithnass #lasvegas 🎵 #wiggleit @frenchmontana @citygirls 🎥 @mytypolife

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Basically, if you haven't heard of Nastya Nass you should start following her yesterday, and if you already know about her, you understand the power. The mystery. The awe. The secrets untold. Of dat azzzzz.



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I need a month long vacation somewhere on the island 🌴🤤 1, 2 or 3?👙

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