Hot Hailey Baldwin During NYC Fashion Week

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elliot-wolf - February 22, 2018

Hailey Baldwin is so experienced at being desirable that she could write an entire book on how to be hot. It would easily be a bestseller. I’m not the biggest fan of fashion around but I do follow a few trends every now and then. Sometimes I’ll even roll up the cuffs on my jeans and feel like the fanciest man in the room. My sense of style should be enough to at least attract some attention from Hailey. We can discuss different types of fabrics and whether or not her high reaching boots are really just a pair of pants in disguise.

I’m not sure that I’d fit in sitting on the sidelines of a fashion runway show but I'd be open to the idea of attending. Baldwin easily has every other model beat by a long shot. The last blonde to look this good without any effort was on Baywatch minus the stylish outfits from Tom Ford. Hailey is one person I wouldn't mind playing dress up with. Shopping for clothes isn't exactly my forte as I am either in work clothing or a white t-shirt. But with a woman like her guiding me on which clothes to get I'd have no problem asking her out on a date after our shopping spree.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA